4 Top Selling Elite Force Airsoft Guns

Do you enjoy shooting and playing with Elite Force airsoft guns? If so, you aren’t alone. They are tough, durable, ergonomic, smooth shooting, and generally affordable. Some of them are also expandable.

So, what (besides this) makes them so popular, what are the top-selling Elite Force airsoft guns, and where can you get them at the best prices?

Read on.

Why Elite Force Airsoft Guns?

If there’s one thing airsoft players love about Elite Force airsoft guns, it’s probably the fact that Elite Force and Umarex (EF/Umarex) make so many Glock replicas.

But these are not just high-quality Glock airsoft replicas. They are officially-licensed Glock replicas that capture the details, controls, handling, ergonomics, and appearance of the originals.

So if you’re looking for a Glock airsoft gun, an Elite Force replica is pretty much your best best.

Elite Force airsoft guns are also quality pieces of equipment, featuring polymer and metal construction that just feels solid and performs.

Another great thing about EF airsoft guns is that they are generally affordable – much less than the cost of a mid to high-end AEG. so for a reasonable price, you can get an airsoft sidearm that lands blows outside its weight class.

Elite Force/Umarex G18C (Semi/Full, Green Gas Blowback)

This one’s a bit pricier than the other Elite Force Glock replicas on this list, but it’s worth it. This EF/Umarex G18C features both semi and full-auto modes of firing, so it’s great for plinking and even competitive play in airsoft events.

But there’s another thing that makes it great. The mag it comes with holds 50 rounds as opposed to the 20 or so of most other Glock replicas. While this does change handling, it makes it much more effective as an airsoft pistol in competition.

Elite Force G19 Gen3

This green gas Glock replica from Elite Force is another winner. Like the original, it features a polymer frame, but this one boasts a metal slide for added durability.

It also has a lower capacity – the mag only holds 21 rounds. But it has official Glock trademarks and is smooth shooting and light-handling, making it perfect for competition.

One more thing makes it great: it has an accessory rail mounted under the barrel – so if you need to add lights or lasers, you’re set.

Elite Force G19X Gen 5

This Elite Force airsoft gun features an adjustable hop-up unit so you can really dial in your shots, as well as a slightly better capacity, with a 23-round magazine.

It also features the accessory rail under the barrel, and sports solid construction and reliable operation – plus an attractive price point.

Elite Force G17 Gen 4

This one is a bit faster and stronger, so if your need for speed bleeds into your interest in airsoft sidearms, this might be for you.

Here’s what it offers: an adjustable hop-up, a 23-round magazine, a metal slide, official Glock trademarks, and a short bit of rail under the barrel.

But there’s one more trick: it also shoots airsoft BBs at about 345 FPS, which is pretty dang fast for an Elite Force airsoft pistol.

Where Can You Get the Best Prices on These Elite Force Airsoft Guns?

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