A Comprehensive Guide to Check Train Timetable

Verifying the time schedule and checking the train timetable is crucial if you’re planning a convenient and hassle-free journey on the Indian Railways. You must check the train timetable to get reliable information regarding the train schedules, routes, and seat availability. 

Through this blog, you learn about the train timetable in detail, its benefits, and how to check the schedule through RailRestro.

What is Train Timetable?

Train timetable refers to a chart generated by Indian Railways that displays the timing of trains that run on the Indian Railways network. It is a comprehensive chart that provides information like the train’s arrival and departure timings at a particular station, train route, immediate stations, distance and days on which a particular train runs. 

What does the Train Timetable Chart Consists of?

Indian Railways Train Timetable Chart provides the following information:

Train Name and Train Number: The train timetable chart displays the specific number assigned to a particular train and the name of that particular train. You can either use the train name or the number to check the train timetable.

Train Schedule: It provides accurate arrival and departure times of trains at each station for the benefit of passengers.

Intermediate Stations: The train timetable chart consists of the names of every station the train stops at or passes through without stopping. These are called intermediate stations.

En route Stations: The train timetable displays the total number of stations the train will pass through and their names.

100% Accuracy Rate: As the train timetable is based on a real-time tracking system and current information, it is accurate.

Train Status: The train’s estimated departure or arrival time is displayed together with the status of the average delay (if any).

Why is it Important to Know the Train Timetable Chart?

It is always wise to check the train timetable and schedule before boarding your journey. 

Checking the Indian Railway timetable chart helps you in the following: 

  • It enables passengers to stay informed about the train’s schedule, which includes the arrival and departure time of trains, its route and important information.
  • Checking the train timetable helps a passenger plan their journey accordingly and avoid chaos at the last moment.
  • The train timetable provides other information like the train’s name, number and type of train, which is beneficial for passengers in selecting the right train according to their choices. 
  • It updates passengers regarding any changes in the train schedule or route, which enables travellers to plan their journey accordingly to avoid any last-minute inconvenience.

Why Should You Check the Train Timetable from RailRestro?

Besides providing services such as food on train app, RailRestro helps you avoid the need to contact or visit the railway enquiry office. Passengers can benefit from knowing the railway time in advance because it includes information about the train, the length and timing of each stop, the arrival and departure time, the number of stops, and other details. 

Our real-time tracking system enables us to provide authentic information regarding the train timetable and schedule.

How to Check Train Timetable Schedule on RailRestro?

Checking the train timetable or schedule is easy and can be done online with RailRestro. Below are the given steps that must be followed to view the train timetable:

  • Download the RailRestro app or visit the official webs
  • Enter the train number or name of that train into the given box.
  • If you enter the Train Number, the website will automatically display the train name
  • Select “Check Schedule” from the menu.
  • The exact information about the train, halt stations, running days, seating classes (3A, 2A, SL, etc.), the total distance covered on that particular day, and destination and source station will be displayed on the screen.

How to Check Train Timetable via SMS or Call?

To check the train timetable via SMS or Call, contact the railway customer service line at (139) for train questions or concerns. Having a smartphone is not essential for railway services. You can simply dial 139 from any mobile device and get to know your train timetable and schedule.

It is necessary to ensure productive and efficient use of travel time to make the best use of railway time in India. Checking the train timetable chart helps you utilise your travel time, make the required arrangements and plan your journey accordingly, ensuring a comfortable journey. The digitalisation of the Indian Railway has made it easy for passengers to avail of rail services. They can now opt for IRCTC Food Order from their berth and get their meal delivered. 

RailRestro is the all-in-one railway service app that functions as a Food on Train app, allowing you to order food in trains and access other services like train timetables, check PNR status, trains between stations, and more. Download the RailRestro app from the Google Play Store to avail all the services in one place.

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