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Mostly everyone loves listening to music.Traditionally there are many options available for listening to music such as buffers, music systems, T.V. and so on. but now you can listen to music on your smartphone. There are many applications available on the internet from where you can listen to music online and offline on your phone.

 Like we have so many websites and apps are available for movies and these websites contain latest movies, series, T.V. shows in it and such websites allow access to its user to watch movies for free. Filmyzilla Golf Movies from these types of sites you can watch free movies online. Also, there are many options available on the internet from where you can listen to music just for free.

In this blog we will suggest to you many websites and applications which offer you the latest Bollywood and Hollywood music. If you are searching for a music app for listening to music then this is the right article for you. Keep reading for more information:

Best music player apps:

Here we will give you the best music player apps. As everyone wants to listen to music. But they don’t have proper music applications. There are two options available for listening to music such as: Online and offline.

You can listen to music offline and online. So we will give you applications for both options online and offline.

Offline Music Application:

In every smartphone there is a music application by default. But the problem is that there are no songs available in your offline music application. You have to download songs which you want to listen to first. Once you download songs on your device then you can listen to them any time. There are some websites available on the internet from where you can download songs for free. All you need is a good internet connection. We have many torrent sites available TR Movies  for movies and also for music. Torrent sites offer free services to its users. You can download music and movies for free.

Or you can download songs on other paid applications and listen to them offline. This is also a good option for listening to music offline.

Online Music Applications:

There are so many online paid music applications available on the internet. On these applications you have to just pay a monthly fee for ad free service. Here we will give you best music apps:

·     Spotify

·     YouTube Music

·     Apple Music

·     Gaana

·     Deezer

· Jio Savan

· Resso

· Wynk Music App

· iHeartRadio

· Tidal

· Musixmatch

· Shuttle Music Player

· Poweramp


· Amazon Music

· VLC for Android

· Omnia

All are the best music apps which give you the best music services. You can listen to any type of music on the above apps. Some apps are free and some are paid. We will give you overview of few applications:

· Spotify

Spotify is the best music application for android. It has a huge collection of Hindi, English, Punjabi songs. You can listen to music for free but with ads. You can get premium Spotify if you want ad free music.

·    Tidal

Tidal is also a nice application for music. This application gives you offline and online services without ads. But this is a costly app. It has high resolution music.

·    YouTube Music

YouTube Music is a free application of music. It has a large collection of songs. But it contains so many ads while you listen to music on it. If you have a YouTube premium then you can listen to ad free music on YouTube Music.


In this blog we shared a lot of information about the best music application. Hope this will help to choose a best application for music. But be careful from pirated sites. If you download music on pirated sites then unwanted viruses can enter your device. And also, a possibility of data leak. We recommend you only use safe and secure applications for your entertainment. 

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