Contemporary Chic: Furnishing Your Apartment With Modern Furniture and Decor

Furnishing your apartment with contemporary furniture and decor can make a historic home or cookie-cutter new build feel fresh. In this bright white NYC high-rise living room by Becca Interiors, curvy modern furniture balances the boxy proportions of the space.

A few key elements of this style include zoning with color and using unique decor pieces like area rugs to add texture. Schedule a free design consultation with Decorilla to get started.

Clean Lines

Unlike maximalist interior design, which features lush colors and striking art, contemporary chic is all about clean lines and open spaces. This style also emphasizes contrasting textures like wood against metal and neutral color palettes that include pops of bright hues.

Modern furniture is often designed to take up less space, which makes it ideal for apartment homes. For example, instead of the oversized furnishings common in mid-century modern design, contemporary pieces may be smaller and made of lightweight materials such as teak wood. This minimalist approach is also a great way to make rooms feel bigger and more open.

The best part about incorporating modern furniture into your apartment home is that it can be easily mixed with other styles and aesthetics. For example, you can combine it with sleek white walls to create a modern country feel or add woven accents for a touch of shabby chic flair. Just remember to keep the number of accessories and other decorations minimal to avoid cluttering your space.

Neutral Color Palette

Keeping a neutral color palette lets you layer in accent colors to create an interesting design. Variations of cream and white provide sophisticated foundations for living room color schemes while varying textures and small doses of color keep a neutral color scheme from feeling boring.

Incorporate wood accents to add warmth and natural elements into your apartment design. A wooden mantel checked ottoman and framed buffalo art print nod to rustic style in this contemporary-chic living room. The rest of the room’s neutral color palette—including a nubby area rug, linen furniture and watery blue accent pillows—softens the rough textures and warm tones.

Add pops of color to a neutral living room with accent pieces like blanket ladders and wall decor. Use mellow shades of green or a bright citron shade to make your room feel cheerful.

Statement Pieces

A statement piece is anything that stands out from the rest of your decor. This could be a furniture design element or even a decorative accessory. For example, a boldly colored accent chair or vibrant yellow sofa makes a room feel energetic and fresh. A swanky chandelier or a boldly-patterned area rug can make an apartment feel sophisticated and glamorous.

If you like a touch of vintage, consider country-chic decor. A farm-themed sign or a blanket ladder are great additions to any living room.

A maximalist style embraces color, clutter and eccentric decoration choices. Vibrant patterns, saturated colors and eye-catching art are hallmarks of this style. Choose a neutral backdrop for these styles to highlight the rich textures and striking hues in your design. Alternatively, a monochromatic scheme allows for more creativity when choosing accent pieces and furniture.


Making a rental feel like your own is easy with the right apartment decorating ideas. Boost your home’s personality with renter-friendly upgrades such as basic floating shelves for showing off favorite decorative objects or a stylish wood mantel. A few simple touches also can make a big difference, such as adding curtains that dress up the room. If your apartment’s rules for drilling holes are strict, consider opting for adhesive-back hooks instead.

Getting creative with storage is a smart way to make any apartment feel bigger. Mirrored furniture and pieces with transparent fronts work well as space-expanding design elements in smaller rooms. Skirted tables double as a spot to stow shoes and handbags. The trick works well in bedrooms as a way to tuck away bedside essentials or even a desk. In the bathroom, stackable storage and pull-out shelving maximize existing space for tying up toiletries without crowding.

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