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What is a Dirt Bike?

A dirt bike is a type of motorcycle designed for off-roading, with no road safety equipment and being lightweight for cutting through difficult terrain. Dirt bikes are meant to be used on routes with rough terrain, steep slopes, and dirt roads. Most riders utilise this dirt bike to ensure their riding is suitable for the road surface.

Top 13 Dirt Bikes in India

1. Yamaha WR 155R

Yamaha WR 155R is a dirt bike for everyone who enjoys a wild ride. It costs about 1.5 Lakhs and comes in just two colours: black and blue. It stands out among the greatest dirt bikes because of its achievable bike speed of 153 kmph.

It is propelled by a 155.1cc engine that produces 14.3 Nm of torque at 6500 rpm and 16.5 horsepower at 10,000 rpm. The engine is liquid cooled and has one cylinder.

It is the best dirt bike with breaking duties of 240mm and 220 mm at the front and back.

2. Suzuki RM Z250

Suzuki RM Z250 is another dirt bike with a displacement of 249cc. RM Z250 appears to be in an extremely hostile attitude when seen from the edge.

Its 249cc engine can generate 38.2 horsepower at 9500 rpm and up to 32.8 Nm of torque at 7500 rpm. It runs on petrol and features twin disc brakes. It has an expensive price tag of approximately 7.4 Lakhs, but it also has a dual channel ABS braking system and meets BS-VI emission standards.

Its fuel capacity is 6.5 litres, and its front and rear wheels are equipped with anti-lock disc brakes. It’s a digitally presented dirt bike that does a good job manoeuvring through challenging terrain. The bike’s tyres are 80/100-21 up front and 100/90-19 in the back.

3. Suzuki RM Z450

Suzuki RM Z450 is a bike with a starting price of 4.29 Lakhs.

A fuel-injected, BS6-compliant 449.3cc engine paired with a five-speed 54.4 gearbox powers the motorbike. It has anti-locking brakes in addition to a maximum torque of 7000 rpm and 55.65 horsepower at 8250 rpm. The engine is equipped with Bosch EFI, liquid cooling, eight valves, two cylinders, and DDHC.

4. Suzuki DR Z50

Suzuki DR Z50 is another best purchase for terrain lovers, and it gives riders a classy and funky look.

When driven, it costs roughly 2.59 Lakhs. This dirt bike is presently one of the lightest ever seen in the dirt bike business, with a kerb weight of 54 kg and a 49cc 3-speed manual BS-IV engine.

Its measures are 41.8 mm in stroke length and 39 mm in bore. The bike’s best feature is its petrol delivery system, which makes use of a 3-liter carburettor.

The motorcycle has fewer features, making it unsuitable compared to other bikes in the same range. It does not have an odometer, mobile app connectivity and low battery indicator.

5. Honda CRF250L

Honda CRF250L is another dirt bike with decent funky looks. The price is around Rs 1.50 Lakh.

The engine is equipped with a single 249.6cc, four-stroke, liquid-cooled injection cylinder. Its dimensions are approximately 76 mm for the bore and 55 mm for the stroke, and its horsepower is 24.4. The compression ratio of its liquid cooling system is approximately 10.7. This throttling body’s 7.9-liter PGM-FI fuel system is designed to resemble a rally bike. With 18-inch wheels and 120/80-18 tyres on the back and 3.00-21 tyres on the front, the bicycle is well-equipped.

6. Benelli BX 250

Benelli BX 250 is a decent dirt bike with an expected price of 1.50 Lakhs.

The bike’s 249cc engine has a maximum power output of 25 horsepower at 9000 rpm and a maximum torque output of 21 Nm. The Benelli BX 250 is powered by a single-cylinder, four-stroke, liquid-cooled engine with a double overhead camshaft. Its wet sump lubrication and finger followers make the engine run smoothly. The bike has five gears, thus the compression ratio is about 11.2:1.

7. Hyosung RT125D

Hyosung RT125D, a classy dirt bike, will be available at an expected price of 1.25 Lakhs.

At 10,000 rpm, the bike’s 124cc engine can generate up to 13.5 horsepower. The engine conforms with those regulations since the BS6 engine was used to replace the previous one. The bike’s front suspension is a telescopic fork, and its rear suspension is a swing arm. The frames’ construction material is steel.

Compared to other bikes in the same category, the fuel tank is rather small, holding about 9.7 litres of petrol total with 1.9 litres reserved. The bike had spoke wheels, a five-gear gearbox, a kerb weight of 124 kg, and front and rear tyres measuring 130/70-18 and 180/80-14, respectively.

8. Kawasaki KLX 450R 

Kawasaki KLX 450R is another dirt bike with an astounding cost of 8.99 Lakhs. It is one of the world’s top brands of dirt bikes. But considering the specs, the price seems a little high in comparison to other competitive bikes.

The bike’s 449cc BS6 engine is equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission and chain drive. It has self-starting and kick-startable ignition technology. With four valves per cylinder, the engine is a 4-stroke DOHC single-cylinder that can generate 42.9 horsepower and 37 Nm of torque at 9,000 rpm. This sleek motorcycle has an all electronic, contactless ignition system and a computerised timing system.

9. Kawasaki KX 450

Kawasaki KX 450, a sleeky bike, is available in lime green with a pocket-burning price of 8.59 Lakhs.

The bike’s seat height is around 955mm, and its highest power output is 3.4 HP. The 399cc BS6 engine is paired with a 6-speed manual and a chain drive transmission. A single, four-stroke, liquid-cooled engine powers the Kawasaki KX 450 motocross bike. Fuel powers the motorcycle, which has a 12.5:1 compression ratio. It has a five-speed gearbox and a manual gearbox.

10. Kawasaki KLX 140 

Kawasaki KLX 140 is another dirt bike for all who love toughness. This is a good-looking bike that costs 4.07 Lakhs and is only offered in one colour and one version. Its maximum bike speed of 70 kmph sets it apart from other dirt bikes.

Its 144cc double disc BS6 engine generates 42.3 horsepower and 37 Nm of torque at 9000 rpm. The engine is a single cylinder, two-stroke, SOHC, with four strokes. Compression ratio: 9.5:1, stroke length: 54.4 mm.

The entire weight of the bike is about 99 kg. The Kawasaki KLX 140 has front wheels measuring 2.75-21 and rear wheels measuring 4.10-18.

11. Kawasaki KX 250

Kawasaki KX 250 is a good dirt bike and this dirt bike price is 7.99 Lakhs. The bike is available in 1 variant and 1 colour.

Kawasaki is a renowned automobile company that builds good quality vehicles. The bike is 249cc injected with a BS6 engine that produces a max power of 33.52 bhp at 9700 rpm and a maximum torque of 27.3 Nm at 7700 rpm.

The bike is simple to operate thanks to its dynamically controlled integrated ignition system. The fuel type is petrol, and at 107.3 kg, the kerb weight is reasonable. Its front tyres are sized 80/100-21, and its rear tyres are tubeless and measure 100/90-19. The bike is convenient to use and control. However, it is a self-starting bike.

12. Kawasaki KX 100 

Kawasaki KX 100 is a unique dirt bike available in the market with a whopping price of 4.89 Lakhs.

The motorcycle is propelled by a 99cc, 2-stroke, liquid-cooled single-cylinder BS6 engine that delivers 55 km/l of mileage. The engine met the regulations and was upgraded to a BS-VI.
At the curb, the bike weights 77 kilograms. The wheels of this dirt bike are equipped with 70/100-19 front tubeless tyres and 90/100-16 rear tyres. This dirt bike also has an LED tail light, a headlamp, and turn signal lights with an ABS dual channel. It features a roomy five-liter gasoline tank. The sizes of the front and rear brakes are 220 and 184 mm, respectively. Its battery is 0.042 kwh and its compression ratio is approximately 8.7:1.

13. Kawasaki KLX 110 

Kawasaki KLX 110 is a dirt bike with a starting price of 2.10 Lakhs.

The bike comes in a single version. The 112cc engine can produce 7.3 PS of maximum power at 7500 rpm and 8.0 Nm of maximum torque at 4000 rpm. Air conditioning is how it cools down. Included are 3.81 litres of petrol and a twin channel ABS brake system. The bike has a Digital DC-CDI ignition with a centrifugal clutch.

The kerb weight is 76 kg, and the fastest speed ever recorded is 148 kmph. This bike has 17-inch alloy wheels with front tyre sizes of 110/70 and rear tyre sizes of 150/60. It has a single seat and tubeless tyres as well.

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