Efficient Patient Management with Celerity EHR Software

CAM by Celerity EHR Software is an integrated clinical, financial and administrative solution designed for chemical dependency treatment specialists. It helps manage patient information in a holistic manner, which reduces the chances of errors and improves efficiency at the clinic level.

Founded in 2005, Celerity EHR offers an electronic medical record and practice management software system for mental health, psychiatry, substance abuse and addiction treatment. It is available both on-premise and in the cloud.

Features of Celerity EHR Software

Celerity EHR Software is an integrated financial and administrative solution for healthcare organizations. It helps you save time and stay in compliance with regulations.

CAM by Celerity EHR is an intuitive practice management and electronic medical record system for mental and substance abuse treatment providers. Its ChartView interface allows physicians to access, edit and add electronic records in a patient’s chart on one screen.

Its one-write system eliminates double entries in discharge summaries and integrates psychosocial update and treatment plan sections into a single system. It also automates processes such as billing validations and group scheduling.

CAM by Celerity is an ideal software choice for addiction treatment providers who need a simple and intuitive system to help them manage their patients and improve their practice. It has a number of helpful features, including an e-prescribing feature that lets practitioners send medications to preferred pharmacies and ensures they are available at the right time.

Patient Chart and Health Information

Medical charts provide the big picture of a patient’s health, enabling doctors to make proper diagnoses and prescribe medications that help patients recover from their illnesses. Depending on the type of healthcare setting, specialty, jurisdiction and EHR system used, a medical chart can include a wide range of information, such as vitals, diagnoses, test results and progress notes.

Access to medical charts is typically limited to healthcare providers and staff who are directly involved in a patient’s care and treatment. In addition, access is usually granted with the patient’s consent. The specific restrictions and regulations surrounding medical chart access vary by jurisdiction, specialty and healthcare organization.

Appointment Scheduling

The appointment scheduling features of CAM by Celerity EHR Software help health professionals manage their schedules in an efficient manner. This allows them to avoid scheduling errors or double bookings and saves time on contacting patients for their appointments.

Besides this, CAM EMR software also provides several other features including individual patient accounts, claim submission management and numerous automatic auditing tools. This ensures that all the information provided by healthcare providers is correct and accurate.

CAM is an affordable and easy-to-use EMR solution for behavioral health clinics that is HIPAA-compliant and ONC-certified. It can support 2-499 users within a single business unit and is a good fit for medical facilities that deal with mental health, behavioral health, and chemical dependency treatment.

Billing and Claims

CAM by Celerity EHR Software offers billing and claims features that help practices streamline the process and reduce errors. Its billing module was built by professionals and supports various billing types, including fee-for-service, capitation, and blended payment models.

Besides billing, CAM also includes various clinical features that help users track patient progress and health information. Its chart view interface allows providers to access, edit and add electronic medical records on a single dashboard.

CAM by Celerity EHR Software is HIPAA-compliant and ONC-certified to ensure compliance with healthcare guidelines. It also offers various customization options, training and support, and data security.

Security and Privacy

In an increasingly digital world, it is crucial to ensure the security of your patients’ information. This is especially important when it comes to electronic health records (EHRs).

Using EHRs requires strong data security practices, such as implementing strong digital access controls and training staff members on proper data security. Without these, millions of healthcare records could be compromised.

CAM by Celerity is an EHR software that is specifically designed for behavioral health and chemical dependency treatment providers. The software has a variety of clinical features, including customizable assessment and intake templates.

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