The Essential Guide to Insight For Podio: How to Monitor and Improve Podio System’s Performance

The deployment of CRM solutions is a trend that has grown in popularity among small and large businesses alike to increase efficiency and profitability.

The owners and managers of small and medium-sized companies need assistance in managing the change. Whenever a new process or system is implemented, regular pushes are required in order to cement it. 

With the continuous improvement of businesses and the addition of new capabilities, it becomes necessary to fine-tune your Podio CRM software to ensure optimal performance. When an outdated or poorly designed system is in place, it can lead to slow response times, errors, and most importantly, frustrated users.

The insight for Podio extension is tailored toward CRM developers who build custom Podio solutions tailored to the business needs and drive the business forward.

Let‘s develop a comprehensive understanding of Insight for Podio and its application to the Podio process. 

So, let’s get started. 

What is Insight for Podio?

As the name implies, Insight for Podio is a tool that enhances your knowledge of Podio and makes recommendations for improving its services and products to ensure optimal results. 

To be more specific, the tool delivers high-level overviews and granular information about Podio workspaces and apps. This information enables the developers to ensure every function of the Podio system is working as it should. 

Developers of CRM software are familiar with the complexity of CRM architecture. Multiple features make up the architecture, each with a specific purpose. Insight for Podio allows developers to document the architecture so they don’t lose track of why certain features were added.

Podio developers will appreciate this tool for its ability to monitor the health of the Podio system. Visualizing the entire Podio system allows you to pinpoint where a particular error may occur, resulting in faster resolution.

A project’s scope and size grow over time, along with its relative complexity. This has led to an increasingly difficult task for developers of custom Podio solutions to keep track of the interrelationships between applications, calculations, fields, and workflows.

This is where Podio Insight comes in, Insight for Podio generates a dashboard that makes it easy for developers to analyze data relationships and understand the impact of changes in one area on others.

How to Use Insight for Podio to Visualize the Health of the Podio System?

Health checks and audits are especially important when using a custom Podio solution, besides enhancing visibility and data integrity.

Insight for Podio is available as a Chrome extension and provides a wide range of features to Podio developers that will help them visualize the health of the Podio system. 

Let’s walk through the key feature of Insight for Podio:


As a definition, Podio dashboards represent visual representations of data. Nevertheless, it implies a lot more in practice. Let’s explore the variety of information available to you:

  • Integrating with the Podio solution, this tool alerts the developers whenever an error occurs that might hamper CRM’s functionality. This tool generates a visualization of the system to assist developers in finding where the error is happening, thus speeding up the resolution.
  • CRM software like Podio organizes customer information by field. Because these fields are interconnected, an alert will be generated if a field is deleted and is still being used in calculations. Furthermore, if the field is renamed, the notification will also be generated.
  • The insight for the Podio dashboard will also show a list of all apps that fail to meet the criteria. Therefore, appropriate adjustments can be made to make them performing assets. 


When working on the development complex Podio solution, it becomes essential to maintain a document that helps developers keep track of every aspect of the system’s functionality.

Developers can export their entire workspace into an excel sheet for external use using Insight for Podio.

Globiflow Insights 

Podio’s Globiflow system automates workflows and visualizes data. The Insight for Podio gives great insight into Globiflow, ensuring that the data automation process never stalls. 

It creates visual representations of every field used in the Globiflow. Due to their understanding of the calculation process, developers are able to ensure interruption-free automation workflows by making necessary changes before removing any fields.

Moreover, it generates an alert whenever a field that is still used in the calculation is deleted. There will also be information about adding a new field or updating an existing one.

Field Dependency Graph

As mentioned above, fields play an essential role in developing complex Podio solutions. Podio Insight generates a complete field dependency hierarchy, making it easier for developers to understand the roles of fields. The system also alerts if any field renames or deletions are made in the hierarchy. 

Conclusion – Unlock the Power of Insight for Podio to Take Control of Your Podio System

Insight for Podio has more capabilities than discussed above. It provides Podio developers with all the information they need to commence their custom Podio solution development journey.

Now, let’s learn how to harness the power of Insight for Podio to gain total control over the system. The tool is available as a chrome extension and has four pricing options. The monthly fee for this tool starts at $9 and goes up to $49.

A free trial of Insight for Podio is available to you if you want to explore the tool’s capabilities before investing. A free plan comes with a 10-day validity period; you can quickly move on to a paid plan. 

Detailed information on the different pricing models of the tool can help you select the one that suits your needs best. 

Lucenta Solution, an authorized Citrix Podio partner, backs Insight for the Podio tool. The company has 7+ years of experience designing custom solutions that help businesses harness the power of Podio.

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