How can I Fix the Gmail Search not Working?

Gmail is one of the well-known email clients which has amazing features and alluring updates. Yet the users frequently face technical snags like Gmail search not working. In case you are stuck with this issue, then applying the steps would be beneficial for you. Read this blog carefully, and so you will be able to seek solutions. A lot of users do face Gmail spell check not working but, in such cases, applying a few steps would be beneficial.

Frequent and Instant Ways to fix Gmail search not working!

To fix and resolve the Gmail search not working, you are supposed to follow and apply a few important steps:

Solution 1: Keep a check on your internet

  • First of all, you are supposed to turn off the Airplane mode 
  • Now, you must go to wifi settings
  • After that, you must turn on the airplane mode

If, after reconnecting your wifi, it’s not working, then you must follow the steps:

  • You should plug out the router cable from the power outlet 
  • And then you must wait for 10-15 seconds
  • After that, you must plug it back into your power outlet
  • Now, you must check out for connection

Solution II: You must try to turn on Gmail Sync settings

  • You should open the Gmail application
  • Now, you must click on the menu icon, which is located on the left panel
  • Then, you must scroll down to choose the settings
  • After that, you must pick the Gmail account which does not display any Gmail search results
  • Now, you must scroll down and then mark the sync Gmail checkbox

Solution III: You must update the Gmail application

  • You must go to the play store or Apple store on your mobile
  • You can search for the Gmail app
  • Simply select the Gmail app, and now you can redirect to the Gmail app page
  • Now, can tap on the update button if it is available

Solution III: You must not forget to clear your browser cache

  • You should start the settings app
  • Now, you should tap on apps and notifications
  • Then, you can go to this list of apps that you might need to tap on to see all apps
  • Now, you must tap on Gmail 
  • After that, you must tap on storage and cache
  • You can clear the cache

For Mobile

  • You must open the settings
  • Then, you must tap on apps and notifications
  • From the list, you must select Gmail
  • Tap on the storage and cache from the Gmail app info page
  • Tap on clear cache and then clear storage

You can simply go through the steps and instructions to find out the ways to fix it. Once you do follow and apply the steps, then you will be able to troubleshoot the issues. A lot of users keep on encountering technical pitfalls like Gmail spell check not working, or Gmail not receiving emails, and to fix it, you must follow the steps manually. 

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