How to Arrange Your Small Living Room Layout to Maximize Space & Style

A living room is truly the heart of any home and a beautiful decoration can transform the feel and look of the rest of the space. but oftentimes, you may observe that creating a perfect layout can be tricky especially when you’re dealing with a small living space.

Therefore, you have to consider how to fit all your furniture, accents, and other decorative items into the space while still leaving the small room to walk around.

Amazing Tips on How to Arrange Your Small Living Room Layout to Maximize Space & Style

We have rounded up some of the amazing tips to fuel the inspiration for the furniture and décor arrangement of your small living room that are explained below:

1.  Get Creative with the Layout

If the living room is narrow but long as well, you should simply place sofas back-to-back in one side and stylish armchairs in the opposite side to allow for two-seating areas.

2.  Use Décor to Add Visual Interest

Having numerous different light sources at different heights in your living room will draw attention to everyone’s eyes and even make the room appears bigger as well as more interesting.

Try adding eye-catchy wall art, gallery wall or designer mirrors that even add a bold accent wall.

3.  Try Café-Style Seating

If you want your living room to serve multi-purpose like the dining room as well, we consider you to add a round café table with two chairs. This will help you to be carried it out anywhere to enjoy your dinner party by adding two more folding chairs.

4.  Delineate Functions Using Rugs

You should choose a rug larger than your sofa and matching chairs that don’t extend to the walls. You can add a desk sit, console table, or café table where the rug ends to create a line visually cues and to keep the furniture feeling like a jumble for everyone.

5.  Fashion a Desk from a Console

A side console that is wide enough will even serve as a desk without looking like one. You can simply stack it with a lamp and books or maybe your keys when you arrive home.

6.  Float a Selection of Furniture

In a small living room, it’s tempting to push all the huge pieces of furniture against the walls to create a kind of pool of open flooring in the middle. This will help to transform your messy area into a space of conservation.


Limited space in any area of your home can be challenging but you can think beyond and maximize the space that is free from clutter. The main key to maximizing the potential of your living space is to select the furnishing carefully.

While the other important aspect is to get creative with the layout and find ways to arrange your interiors better even in the awkward nooks by choosing beautiful artwork  of  all time artists such as mirrors or artwork for the living room that takes up no space but still adds personality and elegance.

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