Importance of Modern Online Education under CBSE Curriculum in the Finest CBSE Schools in Pune

Virtual learning under the CBSE curriculum is an idea that is here to stay. The current worldwide situation is one of fear. Amid the dread and chaos, parents are nonetheless concerned about ensuring that their child obtains the comprehensive education that they had hoped for. 

Before delving into the issues that families are encountering with the online methodology of education, let us first define what the online technique of training involves and how it has benefited children. 

Because of the favourable consequences of this sort of education, the best CBSE school in Pune can continue to educate their children through virtual learning.

Reasons why digital learning is the way of the future

The concept of online education has been around for a long time. Students learning through remote programs and virtual classes have improved the approaches employed over time. Let us examine why online education is the future of education. Given the current global situation, virtual learning has become even more of a learning staple. Here are some of the benefits that make online education appears to be the best bet in the current pandemic.

Student and teacher adaptability

Online education under the CBSE curriculum allows not only the teacher but also the student to control their own learning pace. There is also the option of creating a timetable that accommodates everyone’s schedule. 

As a result, utilising an online instructional stage ensures the development of a balance of employment and studies, so there is no compelling need to give up anything. Learning on the internet teaches you valuable time management skills, which makes finding a good work-study balance easier. 

A shared strategy between the understudy and the educator can also motivate both parties to accept greater responsibilities and exercise more self-control.

Simple access

Online education in a school in Pune allows a school-age learner to study or be educated from anywhere in the world. As the globe has progressed, our society now has access to a variety of technological gadgets such as cell phones, tablets, computers, and internet connectivity. 

This also spares the student from having to go back and forth to school, giving him more time to accomplish whatever he wants. Furthermore, parents are made aware of the fact that they can set aside money to be used on certain necessities.


The whole learning experience may be even better than anticipated. The leading schools in Pune have placed their trust in this system. As previously said, students are allowed to learn at their own pace and are encouraged to get in-depth knowledge rather than simply remembering from textbooks. 

Some of the greatest CBSE schools in Pune (International schools) and even preschools encourage kids to identify practical applications for a particular course even at home. Given the amount of time available to investigate new topics and the information made available, internet learning can provide a greater learning experience. 

Students have more energy and time since pressing concerns such as rigid class times and urgent timetables are not there.

The disadvantages of not attending school include

Given that there are numerous benefits of exposing our children to virtual schooling, particularly given the current circumstances, there are also some negatives. Consider preschool as an example. 

Preschool requires young children to learn in groups. These investigations include well-coordinated activities designed to improve their cognitive and physical motor functions. Preschool is intended to guide children to the point where they are ready to enter the institution of primary school. 

In this scenario, virtual learning will not benefit preschool-aged children because they do not have a professional who is trained to guide them in the appropriate direction. Children of preschool age have a very limited attention span and must be engaged more frequently to instil a behavioural pattern in their minds. 

Children are unable to interact with their peers in this setting. This type of socialising usually assists pupils as they become older to navigate society and engage with other students more efficiently. 

There are certain disadvantages to the online education system. However, because this style of instruction is new, it will inevitably experience challenges.

Techniques for motivating pupils in online classes

1. Create a schedule

Traditional school days provide kids with a structure to work within. This is tough to replicate for the online e-learning method. Adaptability to online learning is a characteristic appropriate for some pupils. 

However, for some kids, particularly younger students, dealing with this increased freedom is a challenge. Students enrolled in e-learning must create their schedules and successfully manage their time to stay attentive throughout the school’s designated class times. 

It is critical to have a thoroughly researched, specific daily plan, and guardians can be of enormous assistance in developing such an arrangement as well as ensuring that it is followed.

2. Encourage perseverance and hard work

Students are struggling to adapt to this new mode of education due to a scarcity of faculty and the requirement that they learn to study independently. In this scenario, parents can be the most effective motivators and encouragers, pushing children when they are stuck and supporting the questioning ideology because many students are hesitant and unable to question teachers.

3. Establishing a dedicated work area

The right workstation has a huge impact on school-age children. It has an impact on their mental state and ability to concentrate. Students who are interested in e-learning are given the freedom to do their work wherever they need to, so it is critical to consider what type of climate is ideal for them and ensure that they have a designated space at home. 

As parents, you can design a study room for your child that is comfortable and conducive to focus. These new approaches are here to stay, and as responsible parents, we should take advantage of them by assisting children in adapting to this platform as quickly as possible.

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  1. Online classes are typically smaller than traditional class sizes. Most do my online class for me online learning platforms only allow one student at a time, which allows for more interaction and feedback between you and your tutor in almost all cases.

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