Top 5 Mixhubb Alternatives For Hosting Online Events

Online events are the current need of the event marketers as of now. As it becomes very easy to grab the audience’s attention online, services are looking for feature rich service providers in the global market. This blog  is basically about the healthy competitors of Mixhubb or in simple terms “its alternatives”. We’ll explore different online event platforms and find out the best choice to go with.

Online Events : Why Do We Need Event Platforms ?

Online events can become a boring lecture if they’re not executed properly. For this purpose, most of the online events like webinar sessions, video conferences, virtual exhibitions and others take place on different platforms. These platforms offer features such as live polling, real time feedback, chat and breakout sessions and much more.  Below is the list of some of the most popular alternatives to Mixhubb platform – 


Platform Description 

Airmeet is a name that may be used for a number of needs, including webinars, conferences, meetings, networking events, and online seminars. It is one of the best platforms for conducting online events. The totally cloud-based web solution Airmeet’s user-friendly design makes it exceedingly easy for event organizers to access the platform and use it.

Platform Features 

  • You can rely on your communications being secure thanks to end-to-end encryption, GDPR compliance, and cloud storage. Conversations are kept free of spam thanks to guest authentication and chat moderation.
  • Airmeet is an exciting extra method to make it safer because it doesn’t require a software installer to ensure that no one is listening in on your data or requesting permission to take control.
  • Airmeet events have the ability to scale up automatically as attendance increases without compromising quality. Video communications on Airmeet are powered by, which can handle up to 1M connections.


Platform Description 

One of the most well-liked options among the audience is the all-inclusive event platform called Hopin. Additionally, the platform has the ability to host events with up to 100,000 guests. The Hopin’s virtual arena frequently links many groups, businesses, and other networking elements. Because of this platform’s extensive worldwide reach, participants can communicate with one another from anywhere in the world.

Platform Features 

  • This platform also offers capabilities like badge printing and lead retrieval to optimize your in-person experience.
  • When developing plans for digital marketing, Hopin’s involvement is important. During the sessions, there are live polling options for recording audience response in real time. Workshops are useful for teaching purposes in addition to this.
  • This platform’s physical venue arrangement is well-known. It offers those services that are advantageous for both on-site and online audiences. However, there are several restrictions, such as the lack of support for APIs and the exclusion of some languages.


Platform Description 

In essence, this is a platform that can handle all the needs of an event. There are no events that Cvent is unable to host. This platform’s straightforward user interface, which offers in-depth insights at each stage of the event lifecycle, serves as the fundamental tenet of operation.

Because it keeps event management features simple and forces sponsors to consider other critical issues instead of soliciting a target audience, this platform is highly beneficial in lightening the load on event managers.

Platform Features 

  • Regardless of size, this platform can easily handle any kind of event. In reality, the platform was created in a way that makes it simple to satisfy both short-term and long-term event-related requirements.
  • Since the protection of user data is of utmost significance to both participants and sponsors, this platform offers a variety of privacy rules. Furthermore, the majority of the data is kept on their cloud-based servers.


Platform Description 

It is a completely browser-based platform, so there is nothing to download or instal. Its features hold great promise for both the audience and the sponsors. Hosting webinar sessions, virtual events, hybrid events, etc. is essentially what BigMarker focuses on.

Most organizations rely on this platform for its precise data, metrics, and insightful analysis when it comes to promoting a good or service.

Platform Features 

  • His platform has centralized registration pages for both in-person and online audiences. Additionally, the platform provides many other features including plug-and-play packages and credential printing.
  • The conversion of a sales lead has become quite simple thanks to this platform. BigMarker is reliable, albeit there have been a few technical issues while using it from a mobile device.


Platform Description 

Zuddl is one of the most popular online event platforms known for its services in hosting webinars, conferences and much more. In addition to this, the platform is suited for hosting both virtual and hybrid events as well.

Platform Features 

  • Everything from registration pages to the event booths is customizable on this event platform. Additionally, the platform has drag and drop functionality which smoothes the setting up process and saves valuable time of the event participants.
  • Social media streaming and integration is possible on this platform which makes this platform even more versatile.

Let’s Conclude

The choice for the best platform depends on the type of the audience coming to watch your event, the functions you need to add in your event. In addition to this, with the perfect online event platform you can nurture quality leads with increasing the credibility of your brand or service at the global level.

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