Modern Furniture and Accessories That Will Change the Way You Live

Is your home still bogged down with heavy, bulky furniture that, despite its redeeming aesthetic attributes, is nightmarish to move and takes up a ton of space?

The era of furniture that looks good but is low on function is slowly coming to an end. The modern era requires modern solutions; furniture that saves space, solves more than one function, and are configurable according to the user’s needs is growing in popularity.

These are some of our best suggestions.

An End Table with a Charging Station
One minor detail that has shifted in modern times (albeit not recently) is that we sleep near electronic devices. Most of us sleep within easy reach of both an alarm clock and a light, if not a radio as well as several remote controls.

More recently, many users have taken the practice of using their smartphones as their alarm clocks – foregoing the formal clock. But we still sleep within arm’s length of them, to be sure.

That makes an end table with a charging station a prime choice for a bedroom upgrade. These helpful fixtures of furniture make it easy to give your phone some juice before sleeping so you can sleep soundly knowing your phone will be awake when it needs to get you up.

And, many end tables with charging stations, such as those found online at, come with integral LED lights that save energy, along with shelves for storage.

Stackable/Nestable Furniture
In our hectic modern lives, one thing most if not all of us struggle with is making space. More furniture simply equals more “stuff” to take care of, for little to no return in terms of value.

But there are numerous modern furniture designs that are either stackable or nestable, including chairs, stools, and even ottoman-like structures that are hollow inside, can be nested, and which can be used as step stools or for seating, or even as tables if they are tall enough.

There are also many modern instances of tables and chairs that nest within each other, and of dining room tables that break down or fold to size.

These unique designs can really help homeowners make the most of limited space – while also allowing them to take full advantage of multi-purpose furniture designs.

Folding Desks and Shelves
Some desks are made with folding leaves that can extend or collapse as needed to accommodate files, paperwork, and other necessary professional items. Some desks also have standing capability that enables them to allow the user to work standing – which, while it has little to do with convenience, has a lot to do with health and comfort. Some desks, like the other furniture mentioned in this article, have nesting or stacking functionality.

There are also sets of shelves that can be folded up against the wall when not in use. Some folding chairs even feature designs which, when paired with wall hooks, can be hung and used as shelves – or brought down and used as chairs when the occasion calls for it.

Another unique twist on the desk/shelf idea is a wall-mounted set up shelving with shelves that fold out on the lower level and which can double as a desk or workstation. Installed near an outlet, these can be perfect for standing and working while active around the house.

Mirrors with Hooks/Shelves
There are special mirrors you can buy nowadays which extend a bit from the wall and behind which have either shelves or hooks that can be used to store small items, keeping them both organized and prevented from getting lost.

These can be nice little finishing touches to a room that you have already optimized for space, storage, and livability, as these types of mirrors not only serve the function of showing you how you look before you head out the door, but they give you a place to keep keys, lanyards, name badges, and literally – a place to hang your hat.

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