What is ParentPay?

ParentPay is a cashless payment system designed to facilitate payment for primary and secondary school meals, trips, music tuition, uniforms and other items without incurring cash handling or bank fees. Furthermore, it helps schools manage income efficiently while cutting expenses by eliminating cash handling fees and bank fees.

Parents seeking to use ParentPay must first request and follow instructions provided by their child’s school in order to activate an account activation letter and create their login/password combination for accessing the ParentPay website.

Easy to use

Parents can quickly and conveniently pay for meals, trips and other school-related expenses using debit or credit cards without sending cash or cheques directly to school – making budgeting simpler for both parent and student.

ParentPay Login utilizes leading technology to safely process credit and debit card payments. Transaction details are encrypted (jumbled up) such that only banks can read them, meaning ParentPay and schools cannot see your card details.

Parents receive a unique login and password to access their ParentPay accounts, where they can then view their child’s balance, make payments and set up automatic payments for recurring expenses. Parents with more than one child at our school can create one main account with them all under it and add any other children via the “Add a Child Tab.” They may also change their login and password but if this option is chosen then when next logging onto ParentPay they must use this new one instead.


ParentPay is a safe, online payment system that gives you the freedom to make payments anytime, any day of the week – 24 hours a day 7 days a week! Once activated, your secure online account will use a unique activation username and password (which will be asked of you before being changed for safety and security) which you’re then free to change as often as you’d like; additionally it can be used by all your children attending this school simply by adding them through its ‘Add a Child’ tab!

ParentPay and the school do not store card details, making payments as secure as using credit or debit cards in stores or over the phone. Your transactions will be tracked in your online account where you can view them at any time and make refunds when necessary. Alternatively, pay in cash at local PayPoint stores using your payment card with barcode provided to you in an information letter.


ParentPay allows parents to pay for school meals, trips and activities using any credit or debit card 24 hours a day from any computer worldwide – the service can even be accessed remotely over the internet! It’s accessible all week round.

This system is secure; payment transactions are processed using banking industry-grade security standards. Parents can view a history of payments made, as well as set up autopay for expenses such as tuition. Thus reducing administration time at schools.

Parents wishing to continue making cash payments may do so at local convenience stores through the PayPoint network. A plastic card will be issued; initially this card is free while replacement cards may incur a small cost. All transactions made through PayPoint are recorded by ParentPay and can be viewed online anytime; furthermore parents with multiple children attending schools that use ParentPay may combine accounts so payment for multiple children may be made with one login.


ParentPay allows parents to pay online in a safe environment for meals, trips and extra-curricular activities such as trips. Pre-order school dinners in advance with ParentPay then select them on a touchscreen in the dining room – saving time by reducing wasteful queues!

Schools benefit from using this platform by saving both time and money by streamlining payments administration work. Furthermore, it streamlines income management reporting as well as improving communication between parents and schools.

ParentPay allows parents to keep tabs on their payment history and set up automatic payments for recurring expenses, offering peace of mind that fees for their child’s activities are taken care of, minimizing risk. With round-the-clock service availability and notifications and reminders regarding payment deadlines, it makes keeping track of payments simple and manageable – plus accessing their account using email can make resetting lost passwords simpler!

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