10 Tips to buy commercial property in Zirakpur

Commercial property in Zirakpur is a great investment choice that offers good returns and is safer than stocks or other types of investments. If one can invest in it, it can generate cash flow that other investment avenues lack or cannot generate to the same level, despite the fact that it requires more capital. Before spending your hard-earned money, there are a few important things you should look for when looking to purchase a commercial property in India.

1. Conduct a thorough market analysis

It’s important to do market research before making a Commercial property in Zirakpur investment. You must carefully consider whether you want a new or resale commercial property. Compared to a good resale commercial property, the new one entails greater risk, but it also offers the potential for greater rewards. The real growth engines of India are Tier II and Tier III cities, which are also capable of providing better real estate returns. Additionally, you should look into any area’s upcoming projects, consumer trends, and spending habits.

2. Review the location

You must look at the location’s features after making your choice of a location. It must be multi-modally connected via highways, subways, railroads, or nearby airports. The location should have developed or developing markets.

Long-term returns will be higher in areas that currently lack such connectivity but have the necessary space and potential for development. 

3. Different kinds of commercial real estate

You must choose the type of commercial property in Zirakpur  you need to invest in after carefully examining the location and ensuring proper connectivity using various modes. There is a diverse range of commercial property in Zirakpur available today, including SCOs, retail stores, office buildings, industrial complexes, etc. A residential property can be purchased and rented out as well.

4. Examine your possible investment options

The suitability of the location and potential appreciation for each of the aforementioned product mixes should be taken into consideration. Additionally, consider your budget when choosing a product and consider the inherent risk involved in any investment. Determining your level of involvement in your real estate investment is another important step. While some buyers want full involvement, others demand agents who will look after your property on your behalf.

5. Consult an expert

It is best to consult experts if you are new to investing and have no experience with real estate. Numerous real estate consultants, attorneys, and property developers are professionals in this area and can help you with every step of the investment process.

You will spend the least amount of money and time doing this, namely, saving. It is preferable to speak with these experts, particularly when the investment is significant. 

6. Verify all required approvals.

Verify that the builder has obtained all necessary municipal or local authority approvals. Here is a checklist that you can go through.

  • Title records and the property’s type of title.
  • Check the seller’s identity.
  • Check the land use permit or the conversion permission if the land has been changed from its original use.
  • Make sure the builder has a certificate of no objection from the traffic department, environment department, sewage board, pollution board, etc.
  • Verify the occupancy certificate.
  • payment status for taxes.
  • a certificate of encumbrance from the local sub-registrar office.
  • Verify the property’s access points physically.
  • Verify the approval from the RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority).
  • Verify any documents pertaining to unpaid taxes by the developer or current owner.

7. Consider the layout plan.

Prior to making an investment in any Commercial property in Zirakpur, consider the floor plan. A good layout plan includes the dimensions of building lines, setbacks, and plot sizes. A statement indicating the total site area, the area under roads, and open space for parks, playgrounds, recreational spaces, and other public places, as required by a specific section of the development code, are all included in the plan. It also includes the location and width of existing and proposed roads, the location of drains, public facilities, and services, along with electricity lines.

8. The structure of the lease

If you plan to lease your property, understanding the distinction between a gross lease and a net lease is crucial. The specifics of the property’s maintenance and repairs, the lock-in period, and the taxes related to the property will all help you better negotiate with your tenants. Short-term leases are inferior to long-term leases. A well-written lease agreement will prevent many problems down the road.

9. Select the best builder

You should look for a reputable builder, particularly one who has completed a number of projects in the area in question. Your chance of losing money on your investments will be lower as a result. Because the builders have a reputation for producing quality projects, they will make it easier for you to lease out the building.

10. Recognize the risk element.

Any investment carries some risk because, as the proverb goes, “the best-laid plans of mice and men go to waste.” Before making any investments, you should consider your risk tolerance. Never put money into investments that you can’t afford to lose. Therefore, it is essential to assess the risk associated with buying any kind of real estate. The possibility that your tenant won’t pay the rent on time is one of the risks that can arise.  As the actual value of the rents might not increase as anticipated, there is also the possibility that the area won’t develop as anticipated. Also, expectations may be dashed by future liquidity options, environmental regulations, and other factors. your expectations.


You are now prepared to purchase a commercial property in Zirakpur after going through the entire list of the ten points mentioned above. Although this is not a comprehensive list, it will help you avoid common pitfalls when buying any commercial property. There are many unusual circumstances and factors that could affect the returns from a property.

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