Mercedes-global Benz’s fashion sponsorships

have evolved from “weeks” to “moments.”
Berlin Fashion Week starts on Monday, despite the absence of Mercedes-Benz, the event’s longtime sponsor.

The luxury vehicle manufacturer announced in early December that it would no longer be financially viable for them to headline the event, which runs through January 21.

Jens Kunath, a member of Mercedes-executive Benz’s board, justified the decision in a statement to local media. “The needs of the public, the demands of the fashion industry, and the formats of Berlin Fashion Week are continually evolving,” he said. After serving as the event’s title sponsor for 15 years, “we will now reposition ourselves in Germany’s fashion industry with a further format.”

For 28 years, Mercedes-Benz has supported fashion weeks all over the world. The company refuses to provide any information to WWD regarding the return on its investments in fashion weeks, but due to its widespread presence, it is closely related to fashion week.

There were fears after the automaker’s declaration in Berlin that it would be leaving the fashion industry altogether.cdg sweater

However, a representative from Mercedes-Benz

in Germany allayed those concerns by stating that the automobile manufacturer would continue to be involved with the fashion and design industries in the future in Germany and other countries.

Mercedes-Benz is continually and individually analyzing all communication platforms in numerous industries, from automotive to lifestyle and fashion, in order to reach customers in the best way possible, according to the spokesperson. The brand’s dedication to international fashion weeks and events is included in this.

Mercedes-Benz, she stated, “remains committed to fostering the next generation of talent and actively works to future-proof the responsible growth of its fashion collaborations.”

The automaker has released identical remarks each time it has canceled a sponsorship of fashion week

A U.S. spokesperson for Mercedes-Benz told WWD in 2015 when the company ended a sponsorship of New York Fashion Week that spanned about ten years that “our relationship with fashion is not ending, and we do support fashion globally…we routinely review those events for return on investment and general engagement.” In general, it’s significant to highlight that…we will continue to promote fashion. hoodies cdg

When asked how many fashion weeks or events

Mercedes-Benz participated, and the company’s spokeswoman in Germany responded that the number varies and that there was no precise count available.

She cited the fact that various offices in various areas make their own decisions regarding how to interact with the local fashion industry, including who and what to sponsor, as the reason for this.

It is feasible to estimate how many fashion weeks Mercedes-Benz has owned naming rights to over the past 20 years or so by doing some online research. Since it is difficult to identify all Mercedes-sponsored fashion events, this is simply an estimate. They have occasionally altered their venues, schedules, or titles; for instance, the African Fashion Festival is now known as Accra Fashion Week.

In 1995, Mercedes-Benz sponsored its first fashion week in Australia. Since then, the automaker has paid for the naming rights to fashion weeks all over the world, in places like Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and everywhere in betw


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