4 Tips to Prevent Rust on Your Guns

Rust is the scourge of gun owners everywhere. It can cause irreparable damage to firearms and make them unsafe to use. We will discuss some tips to help you prevent rust on your guns. We will also provide links to helpful articles that will give you more information on protecting your firearms from rust. Follow these tips, and you’ll be able to keep your guns in good condition for years to come!

1) Clean Your Gun Regularly

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your guns is the best way to reduce rusting. Ensure you thoroughly clean out any dirt, dust, or debris from the surface, inside the barrel, and other parts of the gun.

Some tips for cleaning your rusty guns include:

a) Use a bore snake to clean the barrel of your gun.

b) Use a soft cloth and cleaning solvent for the outside surface of your gun.

c) Wipe down all metal parts with an oiled rag.

2) Keep Guns in a Dry Place

Metal parts of guns like barrels, triggers, and stocks are prone to rust. Hence, storing guns in a cool, dry place is essential. A gun safe with a dehumidifier can be used to prevent moisture from condensing on the gun’s metal parts and causing rusting.

Dehumidifiers are especially useful if you live in a humid climate or have an area of your home that gets particularly damp.

3) Use VCI Protection Bags

VCI is an acronym for vapor corrosion inhibitor, and it’s a fantastic way to prevent rust from occurring on your guns. VCI bags are filled with polymers and silica gel, creating a protective layer between the gun and oxygen. They work by emitting particles that form a protective film on the gun’s surface, stopping moisture from accessing it. These bags can be found online, in gun stores, and at most hardware stores. They come in various sizes to fit any gun and are relatively inexpensive.

4) Rust Prevention Vapor Gun-safe rust prevention capsules

Gun-safe rust prevention vapor capsules are another great way to protect your guns from rust. These capsules contain corrosion inhibitors that release a protective vapor that clings to metal surfaces and prevents rust formation. They work best when placed inside cases or gun safes, as they can create a protective barrier against any moisture in the air. The active ingredients in these capsules can last up to one year, so they are a great way to protect your guns during long storage periods.


Call Zerust to get the best gun rust prevention products. You can also use the abovementioned techniques to keep your guns rust-free, such as regularly cleaning and lubricating them and storing them in a dry place.

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