All You Need to Know About EV Vehicles

EV charging point:

Charging an electric vehicle (EV) is a crucial part of EV ownership. d-hoc access is necessary for all public points, and the majority of networks provide it via an app or RFID card. Rapid chargers frequently provide access to contactless bank cards.

Both national and regional public EV Charging Points are widely available in the UK.

The charging point is efficient for charging your electric car at home:

If you drive a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) or a fully electric vehicle (BEV), charging stations let you recharge your vehicle’s battery.

You can accomplish this in a number of locations, including:

  1. Home (if you have off-street parking) (assuming you have off-street parking)
  2. Work
  3. highway service areas
  4. fueling stations
  5. Destinations include hotels, sports facilities, shopping malls, supermarkets, and certain roadways and parking lots.

There are numerous names for charging points, including charging stations, auto chargers, charge points, EV chargers, wall boxes, and superchargers.

If you purchase a new electric vehicle, the dealer can include a complimentary home charging station. In this situation, a firm that specializes in the installation will come to your house and do it for free.

Best EV chargers:

Clipper Creek HCS-40

One of the most adaptable charging stations on the market is this one. A wide range of vehicles, including the BMW i8, BMW i3, Ford Fusion Energi, Fiat 500e, Ford Focus Electric, Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf, and Ford C-Max, are compatible with HCS-40.

The station features indicators to show if there are power outages or charging. The cable is 7.5 meters long. The charging station is easily built to handle 32 amps of power and 208 to 240 volts of voltage.

Siemens Versicharge 30

Siemens, a well-known brand in the electrical and electronic engineering industries, has introduced its own 30A/240V Versicharge 30 charger to the market. Most electric vehicles can be normally charged in less than 3.5 hours. The “long-term charge” function, which charges the battery for 8 hours, is an odd “feature”.

When you park the automobile in the garage for the night, this is really practical. The Versicharge 30 has a 4.25m power cord and weighs only 7.2kg. An LED that shines brightly is mostly located on the station’s body and can be normally used to determine how fully charged an electric car’s battery is.

Juicebox Pro 40A

The Juicebox Pro 40A is fairly small in comparison to many other charging stations; it weighs only 9 kg and has dimensions of 25x15x8 cm. This charging station has a 7.3-meter cord and can be truly used with practically any power source.

It is not only the smallest electric charger available in its category, but it also boasts a number of cutting-edge and practical capabilities, including Wi-Fi connectivity, energy level assessment, and charge level (this allows you to connect to the Juice Box server and get access advanced EVSE controls and control your Juicebox from anywhere).

EV charging at Home:

Can an electric automobile be normally charged at home? Yeah, In addition to being practical, charging electric vehicles at home typically results in the most cost-effective recharge. Enter your postcode and chosen brand (if any) in the search box below to locate an authorized EV charge point installation for an EV home charger in your neighborhood.

Most electric car owners depend on EV charging at home to make sure their electric car is ready to use each morning given that private automobiles are typically stored overnight.

The EV Chargepoint Award, which defrays a percentage of the installation costs, is a financial aid program offered by the government for electric vehicle buyers who rent or live in apartments. The section that follows contains more information on home charging for electric vehicles.

Advantages of installing EV charging point at Home:

Home EV charging is more affordable.

Our subsidy covers 75% of the cost of the charger, up to a maximum of £500, but you must pay for installation fees on your own. Your charging costs will be significantly lower after the initial investment in installation.

Residential EV charging stations are more rapid

A home electric charging station can charge your automobile from empty to full in anywhere between one and seven hours, depending on its size. This process is unquestionably shorter than the minimum six-hour process required for charging via the mains. Unless you utilize a rapid charging port, which is expensive, it’s also faster than public charging.

Home EV charging stations may improve battery life.

Similar to other batteries, an electric car battery ultimately loses its ability to store a charge and becomes less efficient with repeated charging. It might be better for it in the long term to charge it to nearly full rather than simply for an hour or two at a time, and doing so will be simpler if you have your own charging port.

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Our company is a purpose-driven business, that aims to hasten the transition to electric vehicles and support the movement toward zero-carbon mobility.

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