Apple iPhone’s Most Useful Features

iPhones, without a doubt, have been leading the world of smartphones and technology for a good while now. Often deemed as the trendsetters and blueprint, iPhones have introduced many specs and features into the smartphone market. Such names don’t come without reason, and it’s a fact that iPhones are some of the most-liked smartphones of all time, and not just in specific areas but all across the globe. 

They are a popular smartphone choice because they are known for their user-friendly interface, high-quality cameras, and strong performance. iPhones also offer a wide range of productivity, entertainment, and more features. Whether buying iPhones is the right choice for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences, but it is definitely on our list of all-time favorites! 

Here’s a list of a few of the iPhone’s most useful features, among other amazing specs and uses. 


Siri is a virtual assistant developed by Apple for all its products operating systems. Siri knows even what you don’t, so make sure you use this feature to its maximum potential! It’s also an extremely useful tool for carrying out instructions for you and maintaining natural conversation based on voice interpretation. 

Satellite Connectivity

Satellite connectivity is a feature that’s only been introduced recently with the iPhone 14 series. Although it might not seem very significant to some, it’s important for emergencies and reliable. Smartphone companies adding satellite connectivity to smartphones for emergencies and minimal use is a small but sure step towards an innovative future, and iPhones are some of the first smartphones ever to have this! 


Ever since it was dropped, no one can seem to drop it. AirDrop is one of the most useful things ever on an iPhone. It is a wireless service that transfers files and data between iPhones in close range. With no need for Wi-Fi or cellular data, you can transfer files from one device to another in almost no time, with no dent in the quality! 

Customizable Control Center

The control center allows you to access all the important functions and shortcuts for actions, so you don’t have to manually find every single one. It’s a collection of all your day-to-day uses, and in addition to being one of Apple’s most important features, the control center is also customizable! You can add or remove actions according to your liking and curate the perfect control center for you! 

Interactive Photos 

Besides the convenient photo and video editing in iPhone’s camera roll, photos have become much more interactive. Users can directly select and call numbers in a picture, scan codes, click URLs, and click numbers from photos. This, paired with metadata in the photos app, has created a very useful tool for iPhone users. 


iPhones are some of the most used, globally recognized smartphones, surpassing all competitors easily. With such popularity comes many expectations, so all eyes are on Apple for future innovations and advancements to bring to the table. Till then, we’ll continue making the most of all the amazing technology currently on these phones. If you’re looking to find iPhones for sale or other Apple products, such as MacBooks, for sale, consider checking out Experimax for all sorts of amazing products and services under one roof. 

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