AZ 500 Certification: Is It Too Difficult To Crack?

Various Microsoft certification courses can train you in different technologies. Do you intend to work on the Microsoft Azure platform and security technologies in the near future?

Then, you should take the AZ-500 certification, as it will help you develop the skills required to manage the Azure platform and security operations. Candidates will earn the certification of Azure Security Engineer with this exam and Microsoft certification training,

Learning Objective

The AZ-500 exam tests your aptitude in four subject areas, starting with managing identities and access on the cloud computing platform. After that, platform protection is dealt with, and students are taught network security groups.

You will also learn about securing data applications by configuring security policies and many other topics like leveraging key vaults, enabling auditing, and many more in this AZ-500 certification.

Description of the Exam 

The learning path is designed to help you ace the AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Technologies exam. These courses and practical labs help you oversee and get a better idea of Microsoft Azure technologies.

The AZ-500 exam is mandatory if you’re looking for a new role-based certification from Microsoft. This Microsoft course tests your insight into four branches of knowledge: identity & access management, platform protection, data & app security, and security operations.

If you want to pursue your Microsoft Azure Security Engineer career, this AZ-500 exam is for you. This exam pushes contenders to effectively learn measures to protect information, organisations, and applications.

Target Audience

Being an associate-level certification, the required exam covers a broad scope of security subjects and technologies. This certification has “security” composed on top of it, explicitly Azure security contributors and highlights.

You must have skills in topics like carrying out security controls, overseeing identity and access, and protecting information and networks in cloud and hybrid environments as an end-to-end infrastructure if you want to obtain the Azure Security Engineer certification.

You need to keep up the security posture, differentiate between weaknesses and remediate them by utilising an assortment of safety tools, reacting to security incidents, and executing threat and protection as a part of the responsibilities regarding this job. 

As an Azure Engineer, you will have to fill in as a feature of a bigger group committed to the security of hybrid environments as an important feature of an end-to-end infrastructure and cloud-based administration.  

The skills you need to have are:

  • Abilities in automation and scripting
  • A profound grasp of system administration
  • Cloud N-level Engineering
  • Virtualisation

You can obtain these skills by enrolling yourself in a Microsoft course. Then, with a solid IT security foundation, you can readily appreciate and comprehend these subjects.

Exam Material and Prerequisites 

You should know that it is essential to comprehend that Microsoft is now supplanting and resigning exams faster than usual. Microsoft updates its live exams regularly since the cloud is changing.

There are no definite prerequisites to appear for this certification exam, but you must possess all the necessary skills and experience to pass the Microsoft certification courses.

Is the AZ-500 examination too difficult? 

The exam consists of single-decision questions that cannot be skipped. You can only answer them once. There are also multiple-decision questions and ‘Arrange in the right group’ questions. Candidates need to be well-prepared for the exam. They need to be aware of even the most minor details related to Azure security operations so that they can answer various types of questions.

Passing the AZ-500 examination can be tough, but with the right strategies, this exam is no more than a cakewalk. If you put all your time and effort into covering all the course topics, you can pass the examination.

Being tough doesn’t mean that passing the exam is impossible. However, you have to take up the most suitable practice tests and virtual assessments for these Microsoft online courses.

With the right Microsoft certification training and strategies in place, nothing can stop you from passing this examination with flying colours. 


This AZ-500 exam will test your capacity to identify and solve vulnerabilities on the cloud with different security tools. In this examination, you will also be tested on your ability to react to security incidents and perform threat protection.If you take the right Microsoft online courses for training and learning, you can easily pass the AZ-500 examination and obtain the AZ-500 certification.

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