Bhimtal: Where are the beautiful lake and holy rivers, know about it

Bhimtal city, located in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand, is a major tourist destination. Bhimtal city is a beautiful city situated at an altitude of 1370 meters above sea level. Located at a distance of 23 km from Nainital, Bhimtal is a much bigger pool than Nainital. Bhimtal is famous all over the world for its beautiful lake. Like Nainital, it also has two corners called Tallital and Mallital.

Due to its close proximity to Nainital, it enjoys a lot of fame. Adorned with mountainous beauty, the city of Bhimtal is the ideal choice for a relaxing holiday. In terms of tourism, all kinds of facilities are available here. Newly married couples like to come here for their honeymoon after marriage. Bhimtal is a triangular lake whose length is 1674 meters and width is 447 meters, where its beauty attracts tourists.

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History of Bhimtal

Bhimtal in Uttarakhand is a lake city which is an ancient place, which is named after Bhima, the most powerful character of Mahabharata. It is believed that when the Pandavas came to this area during their exile, Bhima did penance to Lord Shiva on the banks of Bhimtal. There is also an ancient Shiva temple Bhimtal Mahadev Temple on the banks of Bhimtal.

This temple was built when the Pandavas came here. Even today, this temple is worshiped and known as the temple of Bhimeshwar Mahadev. The present temple was build in the 17th century by Raja Baz Bahadur. The city of Bhimtal is older than Nainital because the history of Bhimtal is very old. The Gaula River originates from this place, which further joins the Ramganga River flowing through Haldwani.

It is also said that Pandu’s son Bhima dug up the land and discovered a huge pool here. Seeing the geographical location and beauty of this lake, the image of Dal Lake of Kashmir comes to the fore. This entire area is known only because of Bhimtal Lake.

Places to visit in Bhimtal

Bhimtal Lake is one of the most famous lakes in India and is a major attraction of Bhimtal. You can start the Bhimtal tour from Bhimtal Lake. Bhimtal Lake is surrounded by mountains and natural surroundings from all sides. In Bhimtal lake, you can see different types of fish species, temples. There is an island in the middle of the Bhimtal lake, which has been developed as a tourist attraction and also has a fish house. The lake is quite popular among tourists and has a wide variety of activities to do. Bhimtal Lake is the largest lake here and supplies drinking water to the entire town. You can also enjoy the thrill of boating in Bhimtal Lake. The environment of Bhimtal Lake is so attractive that you will want to come here again and again.

Victoria Dam

Victoria Dam is one of the most breathtaking and attractive places located near Bhimtal Lake. Situated on the banks of Bhimtal Lake, there are flower gardens on either side of Victoria Dam, which make it very beautiful. This place gives the tourists a feeling of peace and relaxation, so tourists like to come here. Victoria Dam is an eco-friendly place that is quite famous for its flower gardens. A large number of tourists visit the 40 feet high Victoria Dam. With its lush green landscape, this place attracts a lot of tourists. Do visit Victoria Dam during the Bhimtal tour.

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Rameshwar Mahadev Temple

Rameshwar Mahadev Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is one of the most famous religious places. According to the mythological legends, Mahabali Bhima had arrived at this place, and it is said that when Bhima was climbing the mountains here, he heard a voice, in that Akashvani, Bhima was told that if he wanted the next generation, then he will have to build a Shiva temple after this Bhima built the Bhimeshwar Mahadev temple on the banks of the Bhimtal lake. That is why the name of Bhima also comes along with Mahadev here. Rameshwar Mahadev Temple is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva by Bhima.

Hanuman Garhi

Hanuman Garhi is a famous temple which is situated at an altitude of 6401 feet. Dedicated to Lord Hanuman Ji Maharaj, this temple is situated on the Nainital-Haldwani road. This temple was constructed in 1995 by a local saint Baba Neem Karoli. Here you can see the idol of Lord Hanuman Ji Maharaj, in which he is seen tearing his chest, showing that Lord Rama resides in his heart. Hanuman Garhi Temple offers a beautiful view of sunrise and sunset, which attracts tourists here. There is a huge crowd of devotees in this Hanuman temple on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Hidimba mountain

Hidimba Parvat is a beautiful hill situated at a distance of 5 km from Bhimtal. Where is it that this hill is named after Hidimba, the wife of Bhima of Mahabharata? At present, Wankhandi Maharaj, famous as a monk and environmentalist, resides on this hill on Hidimba mountain. They have built a wildlife sanctuary around this hill. Hence the area is now also known as Vankhandi Ashram. Do not forget to visit Hidimba Parvat during Bhimtal Yatra.

How to reach Bhimtal

You can choose between air route, rail route, and the road to reach Bhimtal.

By Air: If you want to travel to Bhimtal by air, then the nearest airport is Pantnagar Airport. The distance from Bhimtal to Pantnagar airport is approximately 58 kms, and this airport is connected to Delhi through regular flights. You can easily reach Bhimtal by bus or taxi by traveling around 2 hours from Pantnagar airport.

By Rail: If you want to travel to Bhimtal by rail, then the nearest railway station from here is Kathgodam. The distance from Bhimtal to Kathgodam railway station is about 30 kms. From here, trains run daily for Delhi. After reaching the railway station, one can easily reach Bhimtal by hiring a taxi.

By Road: If you have chosen to travel by road to visit Bhimtal, then this place is well connected to major cities. The road is the best option to travel to Bhimtal. You can take the help of buses and taxis to reach Bhimtal from major cities.

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