Everything You Know to Buy Gothic Shoes and Revamp Your Fashion Statement

There is no doubt that shoes play a crucial role in escalating your fashion sense and adding more value to the overall look and outfit. When you wear an elite gown for a VIP annual party at your office, you always choose a stiletto or high heels encrusted with stones. But when you have to run errands on the weekend, you prefer to wear sneakers or regular boots as they are more comfortable and befitting for the occasion.

So, when you buy shoes online Australia, you take into consideration the purpose, your feet size, and also the design of the footwear. There have been many trends and introductions to the footwear industry worldwide, making them the center of fashion trends. However, after the gothic footwear style was introduced, the craze for wearing high heels with bold and accent statements skyrocketed. 

However, not many people are quite aware of gothic fashion and shoes based on the same. Keeping this in mind, we have prepared a comprehensive guide to help you buy the best gothic shoes and bring a revolution to your fashion statement.

What are the characteristic features of gothic shoes that make them stand out?

Before you buy gothic shoes, knowing about the standard features and characteristics that make them stand out from the rest of the footwear styles is crucial. Not having enough clarity about this can lead to regrets later when you might conclude that gothic shoes aren’t your style. 

So, gothic shoes have dark and dominant characteristics, as most footwear models are available in black shades. You can find shades like dark maroon, olive green, dark blue, Gray, and so on, but black is the prominent color in which most gothic shoes are available.

Some of the prominent features that you can find in gothic shoes but not in any other footwear are:

  1. High heels with a thick back support
  2. Knuckles and build straps with a contrasting color shade like gold or silver plating
  3. Chains dangling from the shoes with gold and silver plating
  4. Gold- or silver-plated buttons in place of knuckles for tying the belt on hoops around the feet
  5. High boots with front lace strap closure
  6. High heels with platform base having fixed belt and knuckle design

How to buy the best gothic shows in Australia?

When you want to buy shoes online in Australia with a gothic style, you will face difficulties because it is a new fashion year and several speculations. If you ask around, some people will vote for the gothic styles while others will say that they are not quite usual for regular use or don’t match their style statement.

The mixed reviews will perplex you, preventing you from making an appropriate decision. That’s why we have prepared a guide to help you find the best gothic shoes according to your fashion, leaving no room for regrets.

Type of gothic shoe

The first and foremost thing you must focus on is the shoe style or type you would like to have for yourself. When you want to buy gothic shoes, you will find they are mostly available in heels or boots. Ideally, these shoe types can easily embrace the gothic style and boldness compared to other types of footwear you can usually find in the market.

So, based on your personal preference, you have to decide whether to buy shoes online in Australia with a high boot design or regular heels with a platform base.

Size and fit

Size and fitting are the two most important factors that should be considered without compromise. First of all, measure your foot size using a proper measuring tape and compare the same with the size chart provided by the manufacturer. Also, you have to take into consideration the fitting of the shoes. 

Sometimes, the footwear you purchase online might have a true two-size fit, but once you tie the laces or the closure, you will feel your toes cramping up. Therefore, you need a pair of gothic shoes that not only fits your feet perfectly but also offers a snug fit.

External features

Next, you must focus on the list of external features in the Demonia shoes or any gothic footwear from other brands. These external features include knuckles, belt fitting, buttons, chains, Lacy closure, etc. 

If you want simple gothic shoes with a profound structure but minimal highlights in terms of external features, go for a simple block heel having a gold-plated knuckle or button closure. But if you want more highlights in the shoe, a high boot with a front lace-up closure and button rings along the two sides of the lace column will be ideal.

Closure type

You also need to focus on the closure type when you want to buy shoes online Australia having a gothic style. Following are some of the most common closure types you can find in gothic shoes:

  1. Belt and knuckle closure
  2. Hoop closure with lacy tie-ups
  3. Zip closure with open metal rings
  4. Tongue and button closure

Usually, the type of closure will vary from one pair of footwear to another, and also the type. For example, zip closure or button and tongue closure are usually found in high boots. On the other hand, regular gothic heels have a belt and knuckle closure.

Color and finish

Considering the color and finish is crucial when you want Demonia shoes or any other brand featuring a gothic style. Although black is the most prominent shade for gothic shoes, you can choose some other colors like dark red, maroon, dark green, Obsidian black, midnight blue, and so on. 

Apart from the shades, you must also look for a perfect finish. If you want a statement pair of gothic shoes, go for a product with a glossy surface finish. On the other hand, if you want muted tones with bold characteristics, a matte shoe finish will be the best choice.


Now that we have discussed what gothic shoes are and the factors you have to consider to buy shoes online Australia having the same style, you wouldn’t have any problem. Ensure that the pair of shoes you have chosen fits your style and characteristics at all levels.

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