Discord’s Stage Discovery: What HatmakerTechCrunch Reveals About The Future Of Online Communities

As technology continues to evolve, so do the ways in which we communicate and connect with one another. HatmakerTechCrunch recently revealed a new feature called “Discord Stage Discovery,” which opens up a whole world of possibilities for online communities. In this article, we’ll take a look at what this new feature entails and explore how it might shape the future of online communication.

Introduction to Discord and HatmakerTechCrunch

Discord is a voice and text chat app designed for gamers that lets you easily find, join, and chat with friends. It’s free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone.

HatmakerTechCrunch is a website that covers the latest in technology and startups. They recently did a piece on Discord and their stage discovery process.

Discord’s stage discovery: What HatmakerTechCrunch reveals about the future of online communities

In their article, HatmakerTechCrunch dives into how Discord is changing the landscape of online communities. They discuss how Discord is making it easier for people to connect with each other and form communities around shared interests.

HatmakerTechCrunch also covers some of the challenges that Discord faces as it continues to grow. They mention how important it is for Discord to keep its userbase engaged and happy, as well as how to manage its own growth so that it doesn’t become unmanageable.

Overall, the article provides a detailed look at what Discord is doing right and where they could improve. It’s an interesting read for anyone who wants to learn more about this quickly-growing platform.

What is Stage Discovery?

Discord’s Stage Discovery is a new feature that allows users to find and join servers based on their interests. This is a major update to the platform that will make it easier for users to find communities that they can participate in. The stage discovery feature is based on Hatmaker’s “Theory of Stages”, which posits that online communities go through four distinct stages of development: 

1) Pre-formation: This is the stage where people are just beginning to explore their interest and are looking for others who share their passion. 

2) Formation: In this stage, people are starting to form bonds with others in their community and are working together to build something bigger. 

3) Consolidation: This stage is all about growth and expanding the reach of the community. People in this stage are working hard to bring new members into the fold and keep everyone engaged. 

4) Maturity: The final stage of online community development is all about maintenance and stability. Communities in this stage have reached a point where they can sustain themselves without constant effort from their members.

Benefits of Stage Discovery for Online Communities

There are many benefits of stage discovery for online communities. One benefit is that it can help to identify and track important conversations. This can be especially useful for large online communities, where it can be difficult to keep track of everything that is happening. Another benefit is that it can help to ensure that all members of the community have a voice. This is particularly important in online communities where members may not be able to physically meet one another. Finally, stage discovery can help to create a sense of community and belonging. This is important because it can make people feel more comfortable and connected with others in the community.

How Does HatmakerTechCrunch Help with Stage Discovery?

Discord’s Stage Discovery is a tool that helps you find new Discord servers to join. It uses a algorithm to match you with servers based on your interests, and you can also search for servers by keyword.

HatmakerTechCrunch is a website that helps you discover new Discord servers. It has a server discovery tool that allows you to search for servers by keyword, and it also has a directory of all the public Discord servers. You can use HatmakerTechCrunch to find servers that match your interests, and you can also use it to promote your own server.

Challenges Facing Stage Discovery Experiments

There are several challenges that face stage discovery experiments, such as the identification of the stages themselves and the determination of which members are in which stage. In addition, there is the challenge of how to keep track of stages and members over time, as well as how to evaluate the success of the experiment.

Potential Uses for Stage Discovery in the Future

There are many potential uses for stage discovery in the future. For example, it could be used to find new online communities to join or to discover new content from your favorite creators. Additionally, stage discovery could help you connect with other like-minded people who share your interests.

Stage discovery could also be used to curate custom feeds of content based on your specific interests. This would allow you to easily find the content you’re looking for, and avoid wasting time sifting through irrelevant information. Additionally, this feature could be used to recommend new content that you may be interested in.

Lastly, stage discovery has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with online content and each other. By making it easy to find and connect with people who share your interests, stage discovery has the potential to create more meaningful and lasting relationships between users.


Discord’s Stage Discovery is a great example of how online communities have been able to grow and thrive in the digital age. It reveals just how powerful these platforms can be when it comes to connecting people, fostering collaboration, and creating meaningful relationships that extend beyond the virtual world. With Discord continuing to innovate and refine its platform, we can only expect more exciting features down the line that will continue to revolutionize our experience with online communities.

Discord’s Stage Discovery feature is a great example of how online communities are evolving to better serve their members. It provides an easy way for users to discover new content and engage with one another, while also allowing them to have more control over what they see. This kind of development could be crucial in helping online communities reach their full potential and continue to grow. With the help of Discord, it looks like the future is bright for online communities!

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