Dos & Don’ts of Printed T-Shirts

Fashion is about expressing yourself through your clothing. Port Authority Tshirts allow people to express themselves more casually. Many entrepreneurs start T-shirt businesses. Because who doesn’t have a T-shirt? All people need tees daily. Consumers buy as trends emerge, like mushrooms, and the materials of their shirts wear out.

Aside from that, it is a profitable business, with eCommerce channels expecting industry sales to exceed $735 billion by 2023.

As a store owner, you should know the specific print method. And how they can affect the cost of a printed t-shirt. You should know all the aspects of designs, substrate, product type, order number, and so on. There are numerous printing methods. However, screen printing and direct-to-garment printing are the two most popular. The first step is choosing the correct printing method for your business to have happy customers. This, in turn, reduces your costs and allows you to scale up your business. As well as help you to keep expenses within a profitable margin. We will discuss the essential dos and don’ts of apparel printing below so that you can earn more and avoid losses.


Anyone who intends to print a Port Authority T-shirt should first learn the fundamentals. We’re keeping it simple with the best t-shirt design practices.

Place Logos and Design Carefully

Have you ever seen a shirt whose design placement appears to be off? You most likely have. When it comes to placing graphic elements on t-shirts, many designers fall short. This is entirely understandable. But to avoid this, keep the following factors in mind when you put a design or logo:


  • Toddler – 2″ from the center collar
  • Teen – 2″ to 3″ from the center collar
  • Adult – 3.5″ to 4″ from the center collar

Placement Options

  • Sleeve
  • Full front
  • Chest
  • Locker Patch
  • Vertical
  • Bottom

Shirt Type

  • Basic Tees
  • Pocket Tees
  • Polo Shirts
  • Athletic Shirts

You should consider these factors to get the best results. Once you’ve found the correct placement balance, your Port Authority t-shirt design will stand out. Furthermore, acquaintance with design placements will broaden your options and help you become more creative with your projects.

Find A Niche

It is impossible to please everyone. It is the reality of both life and branding. A hazy approach to your audience will make it more difficult for you to connect with them. When creating a message, having different types of audiences in mind can be challenging when trying to connect with them. Therefore, performing the task of T-shirt printing without targeting a niche may harm your business. So, how do you find your niche?

It’s critical to follow up on niche identification with competitor research. So, you know what you’re up against. It will make you able to analyze their operations. In addition, you will also gain insight into how you can maximize your strengths and emerge stronger. So, do you like to print science fiction or art? There are no incorrect answers. Instead, there’s always a way if there’s a niche.

Be Smart About Typography and Color

The business’s technical aspects are critical. It is not an excuse for companies to take creativity and design for granted. People buy Port Authority T-shirts because they like the design, not how they were advertised. Throughout the design process, ensure that the concept remains true to the theme and is relatable to your audience. Create a tee that your audience will appreciate. An eye-catching design incorporates attractive font type and color.

Typography for shirts completely transforms the overall design. Examine the best font on Port Authority T-shirts to nail this aspect. It is critical to use readable fonts, especially if your goal is to raise brand awareness. The best fonts for T-shirt design are Oswald, Montserrat, Shrikhand, Ostrich Sans, and Lobster. If you combine different fonts, it will also create a good contrast. That can make the concept more interesting. Thick serif fonts complement slender or decorative san serif fonts well.

In terms of color, make sure your design’s color complements the shirt color you intend to print it on. The color wheel is an excellent color combination hack. This color wheel trick has resulted in popular t-shirt color combinations such as Blue and Orange.


Human and technical errors are a necessary part of the process. Avoiding these standard t-shirt designs and printing errors will save you time and money.

Don’t Print Over Seams, Pockets, Or Zippers

You’ll need a flat surface between the pallet and the screen to have the best print quality when screen-printing. The T-shirt’s front and back should be smooth and consistent to get a perfect print every time. However, printing over a seam, pocket, or zipper causes inconsistency. When you print over these areas, the ink from the screen does not touch the shirt due to the ridge.

Do Not Overload the Graphics

Don’t go overboard with trends because you want to end up with a timeless design that is wearable.

We understand; this year’s T-shirt design trends are all so good. Therefore, you want to combine them all into one shirt. These trends include bold statements, florals, artworks, rainbows, and other elements. But just because they’re good on their own doesn’t mean they’ll work well together.

As a general rule, never overdo design when creating non-tacky T-shirts.

Size of The Print Matters

You will waste a beautiful design if you do not print it in the proper size. People, like materials, tend to take this part for granted. But this is not fruitful for your business.

Disaster strikes when your large batch of shirts is printed with a pixelated design. Those tees will appear unprofessional and generally unattractive. You don’t want to go through another lengthy reprinting process or continue to distribute your shirt as is because you no longer have a budget.

To avoid this, make your file twice as large as the size you intend to print it in. Depending on the type of graphics, you should also reconsider your file format to ensure that you don’t lose quality due to compression.

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