Facilitate Meetings and Support Services at work

If you are looking for new opportunities, at Tranquil Shores our certified Case Manager works with clients to update resumes and apply for positions. This is crucial for getting started on a new career and embarking on the new chapter of life.

We are committed to the health and well-being that our clientele enjoys. We also help businesses implement business coaching services mental health and substance abuse policies that are efficient as well as sound and trustworthy. Contact us now by phone or online to find out details about the addiction services we provide. If you’re struggling with addiction, learn the ways that the tranquil Shores can help you to regain that life.

Combating addiction at work isn’t an entirely new issue. For many years, employers have faced addiction issues with their employees and have fought to ensure that they were rehabilitated and able to return to work.

Alcohol was the first documented substance that impacted employee performance at work. In the wake of alcohol, other addiction and impairment drugs were discovered. Cannabis, opiates and the variety of prescription drugs such as painkillers, stimulants and sedatives are now affecting increasing numbers of workers and employers.

Workplace addiction can cause a decrease in productivity as well as revenue loss. It’s not just the loss in earnings from addiction of employees that can seriously impact one’s profit. The cost of rehabilitation and reintegrating addicted employees is hugely detrimental to the economy of the whole country.

At the beginning business owners, personal development coaching services, and supervisors were taught to look for signs of addiction among employees. Employers devised programs for treatment and prevention, however, they were limited in their understanding of the intricate nature of addiction as a condition.

The programs were well-meaning and their policies typically dealt with tackling the addiction issue. They focused on reducing absences and unsatisfactory performance, as well as those inevitable accidents at work caused by impaired employees. These included people who are intoxicated by an addictive substance as well as those who are suffering from the long-lasting effects of recent alcoholism.

Although each method was unique but what they all had in common was a discerning and thoughtful employer who was working with a willing and open employee to discuss the addiction issue, and an attempt to heal it and hopefully bring the addict back to their work without causing more interruption than is needed.

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