Floral Bridesmaid Outfits for Blooming Look

From delicate peonies to showy chrysanthemums, flowers are a universal metaphor for fresh beginnings. This makes them a fitting choice for weddings. In addition to your blooming bouquet and luxurious flower arrangements, floral bridesmaids’ outfits may provide your wedding with a botanical vibe. This is fitting for a party honoring the beginning of a marriage.

There are flower-inspired bridesmaids’ outfits for each season or theme of the wedding. From bright and joyful spring flowers (revolutionary!) to dark and dramatic winter blooms (truly ground-breaking!). You may go with an all-out flower pattern for a secret garden vibe. You can include smaller floral accents throughout your mismatched bridesmaid clothing and bouquet.

Bridesmaids outfits in floral dresses, in whatever style you pick, may bring the outside in (without the cost of filling your venue with thousands of fresh blossoms). Simple coordination with wedding hues ensures a maximum swoon factor.

To help you select the petals that make your heart skip a beat, we’ve gathered our favorite flowery bridesmaid dresses across all seasons and styles. C’mon, let’s get expanding… well, I mean, going!

Dusty Blue Floral 

Wearing this stunning blue floral bridesmaid dress as your “something blue” will be the best-looking decision you make all day. The daring open back and keyhole neckline are striking opposites to the really cute pattern and airy chiffon fabric.

Wear this dress to a formal indoor or evening wedding and accessorize with a pair of brilliant statement earrings. We’re head over heels in love!

Metallic Blue Floral

A wedding with this stunning blue flowery bridesmaid dress will seem like it was straight out of the Great Gatsby era.

We like how this fabric takes advantage of the trend toward metallics by adding it to a traditional floral pattern including pink, red, and purple blooms. It’s ridiculously fancy and expensive.

Long Floral Blue Gown with One Sleeve

This blue flowery dress from the Reformation era would look great on even the most laid-back bridesmaid. A modern spin is put on classic florals by the asymmetrical one-shoulder neckline.

Furthermore, who can say no to a timeless and seductive leg slit? In its purest form, it is only an expression of emotion.

Ruffled Neckline and a Dusty Blue Floral Print

Not only is it beautiful, but this bridesmaid dress in dusty blue with floral details can be worn in three other ways! For a flirty cold-shoulder look, tuck the ruffle beneath your arms; for understated elegance, raise the sleeves.

This floral dress is perfect for a group of bridesmaids who like to express their individuality through color rather than matching.

Navy Dress with Flowers and Sequins

This blue floral bridesmaid dress has just enough sparkle for those formal evenings and winter weddings. This dress is stunning (and photogenic), thanks to the shimmering sequin flowers scattered throughout.

Midnight blue is a chic and unexpected contrast to traditional black. A parade follows this floral dress everywhere it goes.

Dusty Blue with Floral Detail

An actual re-wearable gown for your role as a bridesmaid? The blue flowery bridesmaid dress is perfect for a cocktail hour AND Saturday coffee runs, much to the delight of your bridal party.

There are four different flower patterns to pick from, so you can choose the one that makes you the happiest.

Embroidered Long Blue Floral Dress

After years of having small weddings, casual ceremonies, and understated backyard bashes, couples are ready to CELEBRATE in a big way. This blue flowery bridesmaid dress has a vivacious, blooming spirit, thanks to the fluttering flower appliques that trail down the back of the skirt. However, the floral bridesmaid dress is perfect for a formal event with a lot of sentimentalities.

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