How to Choose the Right Toolbox For Instagram

Instagram tools come in all shapes and sizes; finding the one best suited to your goals depends on which tool is available to you. Take advantage of free trials to test various tools against each other until finding one meets them all.

Instagram’s native analytics tool gives you an in-depth view into your stats, but for even greater insights use apps such as Iconosquare and Synapview.

Naz Tricks

Naz Tricks is an all-in-one social media tool that gives you everything you need to publish flawlessly, analyze effortlessly, and engage authentically on social media. Individuals and small businesses alike can utilize its free plan that connects and controls three social accounts at the same time; there are also premium plans with additional features.

Naz Tricks offers many popular features, such as content scheduling and link shortening with tracking capabilities from various providers; Pablo Image Creator for creating Instagram-ready images; GIF uploader; analytics and browser extension that lets you save anything online to be posted later; plus it comes equipped with its own curation tool!

This service includes an easy and straightforward way for users to schedule posts in advance with its built-in queue and customizable default times that make scheduling simple and seamless. Furthermore, more costly plans also include workflow approval tools and draft post management to streamline this process even further.


Prequel is an image and video editing app powered by artificial intelligence that uses artificial intelligence to alter photos and videos. The program can turn users into fantasy characters, apply stylish filters, customize outfits and backgrounds as well as apply stylish filters. Prequel can be downloaded onto both iOS and Android devices with subscription plans providing users access to all its features.

App has become widely utilized among Gen Z users who wish to create stylized versions of themselves and caters to broader social trend of image-based self-branding.

Prequel offers impressive AI transformation effects that allow users to create captivating and eye-catching visuals. Furthermore, there are templates available for quick edits on videos – making Prequel perfect for social media. However, users should note that using it on cellular networks could consume a great deal of data.


TINT is an industry-leading brand community platform that empowers brands to engage their target consumers, build authentic UGC, increase sales conversions and foster loyalty. GDPR/CCPA compliant, it features enterprise-class support, data sharing, analytics capabilities and enterprise support services for optimal success.

This feature only works with tagged stories, so to test it you’ll need to create one first. Selecting the first tool at the top of your screen and using it to draw a frame around your story using any color imaginable; transparent would be best so the image can still be seen clearly.

Each Business Account can search only 30 hashtags within seven days; once this limit has been met, reconnect a feed in order to continue searching.


This tool offers numerous features that can help your Instagram presence and engage more followers, while expanding your business and managing Instagram campaigns effectively. Collaboration options allow all stakeholders to work within one app at the same time; and its built-in Instagram and hashtag analytics make identifying top performing content much simpler.

Simplistic but powerful social media management tool designed for both small businesses and agencies, it focuses on workflow approvals to expedite content publishing processes across teams. Additionally, its user-friendly UI enables easy visualization and editing, and its monetization tools help uncover new ways of promoting posts.

Gleam stands out as an influential marketing tool because its free plan gives you unlimited contests and giveaways as well as providing each winner with a personalized Instagram profile.


Woobox is an Instagram Giveaway Picker tool that makes choosing winners easy for giveaways, contests, sweepstakes or promotions on Instagram. Boasting an intuitive interface and offering advanced features like detailed analytics as well as custom templates creation capabilities; Woobox makes an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes looking for giveaway picker solutions on multiple platforms.

Although using this tool can have many advantages, some users may encounter complications when switching apps or upgrading integration platforms. There are a few troubleshooting tips available that may help resolve such issues quickly and efficiently.

Another great feature is being able to use Facebook page posts in UGC contests; however, you will require a premium account in order to do this. Furthermore, adding a Fangate requires HTML knowledge which may put some people off.

Instagram Ads Manager

Instagram Ads Manager is an indispensable marketing tool that enables marketers to easily create ads for Instagram and monitor their performance, providing world-class training and support services as part of its platform.

Utilizing Instagram Ads Manager, the first step is selecting an objective that meets your desired goals and selecting your target audience and content to promote. Instagram will then suggest appropriate ad formats.

Target customers to purchase your product using conversions ads with conversions objectives as an effective strategy. This type of ad will encourage people to click your website or app store link, ultimately leading them to purchase. Furthermore, it drives traffic while simultaneously increasing brand recognition while the platform also offers various metrics you can use to measure your performance.

Display Purposes

Finding appropriate hashtags for Instagram posts can be time-consuming and tricky, especially without enough research time. Now there’s an online tool that can save you some of this precious time: tag search.

Display Purposes, created by photographer and developer Fay Montage, is an easy and free Instagram Hashtag Generator. By searching your keyword, this site generates up to 30 relevant hashtags that match up perfectly with your content – with overused and irrelevant tags like #instagood or #photooftheday being eliminated automatically!

This website is user-friendly, featuring an easily accessible copy button to quickly copy and paste hashtags into your posts. Furthermore, you can choose whether to display top results or random selection of the best tags related to your content.

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