How to draw a Unicorn girl

How to draw a Unicorn girl. Unicorn’s fascinating mythical beings. If you can combine the girl’s beauty with a magical unicorn? Well, with the help of this comprehensive guide, you can only do to get! We have created a step-by-step drawing tutorial where you can draw a unicorn girl, the sum of 9 fast and simple steps. What’s more, every discipline with the image of the steps is much easier to follow you! What do you expect? Go away and prepare a piece of paper and a pencil so we can do it simultaneously! Remember to snap your favorite paintings too!

Have fun and remember the goal of the sky to the imagination! If you want to draw more drawings like cartoon drawing, butterfly drawing, draw a Spiderman and many more characters than you are at the right place.

Drawing the Unicorn girl

Step 1:

Start the perfect circular shape in your upper part. This shape is outlined in the head of the unicorn girl. The head shape of the head must be a circle of symmetry. Feel free to get a compass to draw the perfect circle quickly. The head of the line is certainly equipped with the right place by creating a reference line. Just draw an interest in a vertical line with a paper with the guidelines. The vertical line on horizontal markings can be found where you can draw the shape.

Step 2:

The two guides down and down bend directly to the right side of the head—these neck shapes in the unicorn girl. After drawing the diagonal line, and curved lines and now rave about them. Then close the horizontal bottom of the figure drawing. It creates the upper body of the unicorn girl.

Step 3:

The structure of the skirt is directly under the upper body of the unicorn girl. The citing of the skirt is simply a tract of many connected stands with rectangular figures without lines above. It creates wrinkles on the screen. Do you feel free to adapt the highest amount to you? You can add all patterns or plans for the fabric of the coast to add your style!

Step 4:

Another layer of fabric towed directly under the garment and drew the previous step. It creates the second layer of fabric directly on the coast to make a chick more trendy!

Step 5:

Draw two lines in a rounded left and turn right. These shapes are on the left foot and foot. Then the corner line at the end of the foot forms a shoe. The iteration occurs over the right leg foot, and complete unicorn girls go with legs and legs.

Step 6:

Draw a semicircle on both sides of the torso. It creates pools in the top and unicorn girls. Then draw two lines with the boy to the end of each sleeve to create arms and hands. The four members of the unicorn girl are already complete.

Step 7:

To create hair, start a draw shape near the front. Then draw all of the hair around the head of the entire street to your preferred hair length. Is it in vain to say that you can make the unicorn girl’s hair as long as you have a short time? Can you also put the hair in a ponytail, attach one, or who do you want to finance? Remember to add great Pyres figures in the middle of the hair!

Step 8:

How to draw a Unicorn girl

Draw several parallels to the diagonal lines in the entire Alcorn. It creates its shape on the surface of Alcorn, as in the illustration above. Later they draw a cross in the middle of the unicorn girl’s blouse. This forms in the adjustable strings in the middle of the upper part and completes the adoration of the unicorn girl.

Step 9:

How to draw a Unicorn girl

Draw an oval tooth figure with a small circle on the face of the unicorn girl to create eyes. Then add the shadow of the entire eyes and leave the tiny circle unashamed. Now draw curves into the mouth of both eyes to the eyelashes, after a small semicircle in the nose and a little older to conjure up a big smile on the face of the unicorn girl. Remember to add several hairs with straight hair! It adds the hair to the texture and makes it look real. Do you have successfully equipped a unicorn girl? 

It is time for the most exciting part that stains the unicorn girl. The colors you will use for the unicorn girl are for you? But here is a useful tip for coloring the skin made of unicorn girl mix colors white, yellow, red, and blue to create an individual skin tone color. Depending on the complexion you want to reach, you may have to add more about certain colors. We recommend using more than the color, especially in the hair, as colors are more fun and lively! Have fun playing with colors!

Take your unicorn girl drawing to the next level.

Make mythologically mythological with his tips on the shape of the unicorn girl! This drawing of the unicorn girl has many colors in the design, but you can only have a few colors when it becomes a unicorn! Therefore, they could plan even more with their favorite colors. Not only but also some interesting and various art tools and media. Which of your favorite colors are missing in this guideline, and with which skill media are you added? As soon as you have chosen the colors for this drawing, you can add a company to this unicorn girl. 

You would add a few unicorn children to hang around—another way to add a pet for you. It can be a dog or a cat and give the fun outside of touching a pet with the unicorn horn. Another way to bring the drawing of this unicorn girl a new life was in a different pose. It can be simple enough for you! For example, they could absorb it if he changed a peaceful spaceship instead of his limbs. Or they couldn’t go running, jump or go to the gym.

These are just a few ways to change your pose, but what else can you describe? After all, I ended the sunset with a funny background with the shape of her unicorn girl. It is what you could add if our previous tips or not, and I need to get more creative with it. The unicorn side of his personality inspires the background to go imaginative. You could do this through some major fortresses or lively landscapes. She is also in several everyday semen, so is it because of you to choose?

Your unicorn girl drawing is complete!

It was a lot of fun drawing a nice unicorn girl. If you have a surprise time of the unicorn in the tract, you may also be interested in a leading or average. Complete the Unicorn girl to do it while you calm down when a masterpiece is completed!

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