How to Dress Like a Cowboy: The Complete Guide

You’re in the right place if you want to know how to dress like a cowboy. You’re all set with this helpful guide.

Let’s start with what everyone knows: cowboys are always cool.

Even though they seem confident, a lot of their “coolness” comes from the way they dress.

Cowboy style is practical and well-known. How do cowboys get their look?

If you are reading this, you are probably ready for a change. Learn how to dress like a cowboy in your everyday life by reading on.

Picking out Your Cowboy Look

Not every cowboy is alike. If you want to look like a cowboy, you need to be specific and creative with your outfit. You can go for a classic cowboy look from the beginning of the 20th century, or you can go for a simpler, more modern version. Here are some typical cowboy looks to get you started:

Western Cowboy

The classic cowboy will be the western cowboy. When you think of a cowboy, you probably think of a western cowboy with a hat, a big belt buckle, Cowboy Knife Sheath, and probably some fringe on his pants or jacket.

Modern Cowboy

If you want to look like a modern cowboy, you might want to switch from blue jeans to darker denim. Also, you’ll look more modern if you stick to black and white colors.

Street Cowboy

A different kind of modern cowboy is the street cowboy. This kind of cowboy doesn’t look like he’s ready to work on the ranch. Instead, they look like they are going to a saloon for the night.

Preppy Cowboy

The preppy cowboy might look better put together and might even add some color to his outfit. Try layering with a plaid flannel shirt in a brighter color to get a preppy look.

Your cowboy clothes will be pretty much the same no matter what style you choose. The colors and accessories like a Crossdraw Knife will make the biggest difference.


Boots are what make a cowboy a cowboy. You can choose from many different colors, patterns, and types of leather, such as snakeskin, alligator, crocodile, ostrich, and even kangaroo. Check out our online store to see a variety of the best cowboy boots.

Boots can be stylish, but they can also serve a purpose. You can choose a designer boot to show off your style, or you can choose a comfortable boot for a long day at work. You can choose different heel heights and whether you want the toe to be round or pointy on your cowboy boots.


Even though Levi Strauss came up with the idea of the denim jean, it was the cowboys who made the style popular. Boot-cut jeans are a must-have for a cowboy look. The name “boot-cut” makes sense, since the length should cover your boots.


Choose a clean, long-lasting shirt to finish off your look. Don’t try to stand out too much. Your shirt shouldn’t be so loud that it draws too much attention to itself.

A simple colored flannel should work for cooler weather. A classic shirt is a long-sleeved denim or plaid one with buttons and fringe. When you need another layer, pair your denim pants with a long duster, a jacket with fringe, or even a denim jacket.


A cowboy must have a cowboy hat. And every cowboy’s head is different. Cowboy hats come in different sizes and shapes, so anyone who wants to be a cowboy or at least look like one can find one that fits.

Finishing Touches

Even though most of what you wear as a cowboy should be simple, you can add some personality with the little things. But think of these finishing touches as accents that go with the rest of your outfit. Leave the sequins and bold patterns at home. Cowboys don’t dress in a very flashy way.


You’ll need a belt for your cowboy outfit. Your belt should be as wide as your jeans’ belt loops. It should also be made of leather and match the leather of your boots. For example, if your boots are made of black leather, your Cowboy Pocket Knife Sheath should also be black leather.


If you don’t have a horse or don’t plan to ride it, you probably don’t need Spurs on your boots. Spurs are added to the boots so that the rider can control the horse. Even though they add style to your outfit, you wear them for a reason.

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