Install A Hot Tapping Pipeline To Avoid Leakage In The Liquid

Hot tapping is the process of attaching a branch connection to a pipe while the system is operating, followed by drilling or cutting a hole in the pipe. Hot taps are typically installed in piping systems, but they can also add to storage tanks and pressure vessels to accommodate nozzles. The hot tapping is hazardous by nature. Hot tapping should reserved for situations where taking the system offline would be impractical. To guarantee that hot tapping is performed safely and dependably, caution must taken throughout inspection, design, and testing.


In order to finish their projects without stopping the system or losing product, pipeline owners and operators can isolate and skip certain pipeline portions thanks to hot tapping. Typically, the coupon is kept on one or more U-wires fastened to the pilot bit. The hot tap machine stops, the cutter retracts into the adapter and the valve closes when the cutter has cut through the pipe. As a result, a hot tapping ought to reserve for situations in which all other options have been exhausted.

Every hot tap should have a suitable design, a careful inspection of the hot tap area, and a review of the installation processes. Pressure bled out of the inside of the tapping adapter to disconnect the hot tap machine from the line. The new service launched, and the machine is removed.

Hot Tapping Procedure

 The hot tap must be turned on once the hot tapping machine mounted to the pipe system, and the advanced cutter assembly used until it makes contact with the parent pipe. To let the u-wires drop, stop rotating and advance once your cutter is well through. You need to remove the cutter and coupon together with it or the cutout kept by the U-wires. A by-pass arrangement designed to maintain a constant flow in the piping system when the fluid flow in the tube between the two successive hot tap sites halted with the aid of the right. A drain or vent used to remove the liquid between the two hot tap locations that follow one another.

Once the cutting and welding of the two hot tap positions finished, installation of any valve or pipe piece can begin. The initial pressure preserved by filling the space between the two hot tap locations with more fluid. The hot tapping pipeline and by-pass mechanism removed, and fluid flow resumed from the main pipe. Hence it is more comfortable for the customer to use in a fine manner.


The Hot Tap created in a single, continuous step. After starting the machine, the cutter keeps cutting until it penetrates the pipe wall, removing a portion of the pipe known as the coupon. Adding connections is possible with hot tapping without depressurizing or interfering with process processes. It might also utilize to join pipes when it would be inconvenient to get the system ready for hot work. By plugging or stopping the line, hot tapping is another method for isolating pipe segments for maintenance.

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