Land Drilling: Everything You Need To Know Before Starting Your Project

When one thinks of constructing a home or a commercial building, hiring the right drilling service isnt exactly a thought that would cross their minds. But, just like you need a good architect to prepare a map of your building, you also need a good drilling service to ensure that your construction project has a stable foundation. 

Drilling businesses are equipped with the costly machinery, skilled labour, and in-depth knowledge necessary to carry out the intricate tasks involved in drilling an oil or gas well.

Today, we discuss all there is about land drilling that you should know, that could help you make an informed decision when choosing a drilling service.

What Is Land Drilling?

Land drilling for construction is the process of drilling holes in the ground for the purpose of installing foundations, pilings, or other structural supports. It is a crucial component of construction projects that demand a strong foundation.

There are many different drilling methods that a drilling service provides. These methods differ from each other as different techniques and equipment are involved, depending upon the terrain of your construction site. These methods are:

  1. Auger drilling: This method uses a rotating helical screw blade, called an auger, to drill into the ground. Auger drilling is often used for shallow foundations and soil sampling.

  2. Percussion drilling: This method uses a heavy drill bit that is repeatedly lifted and dropped to break through hard rock formations. Percussion drilling is commonly used for deep foundations and for drilling through rock.

  3. Rotary drilling: This method uses a rotary drill bit to cut through soil and rock. The drill bit is connected to a rotating drill string that can be powered by a hydraulic motor or another power source. Rotary drilling is often used for deep foundations and for drilling through hard rock.

  4. Caisson drilling: This method involves drilling a large-diameter hole into the ground and filling it with concrete or steel to create a foundation or support structure. Caisson drilling is often used for tall buildings and other large structures.

Choosing Land Drilling Companies

Choosing a reliable drilling company gets difficult when there are so many options available.  There are several factors to consider, such as:

  1. Experience: Look for a drilling company that has a proven track record of successful drilling projects. Ensure that they have worked on projects like yours in the past and have expertise in them.

  2. Reputation: Choose a company with a solid reputation in the sector. Research the company’s history, check their online reviews, and ask for references.

  3. Safety record: It’s important to choose a drilling company that prioritizes safety in their operations. Look for a company with a good safety record, strong safety protocols, and a commitment to training their employees.

  4. Equipment and Technology: Check the company’s equipment and technology, make sure they have modern and well-maintained equipment, and that they are using the latest drilling technologies to optimize the project.

  5. Cost: Compare the cost of services among different drilling companies, but also consider the quality of their services and the reputation of the company. Choose a company that offers a fair price without compromising on quality.

  6. Customer service: Choose a drilling company that provides excellent customer service, with open communication, transparency, and a willingness to work closely with you to meet your needs and goals.

Atlas Piling and Drilling Inc., for one, is a drilling service company in BC, British Columbia that meets all of the above requirements. Their highly qualified team has the necessary experience, understanding, and technical know-how to build foundation underpinning systems reliably and safely on all foundation types and in the most difficult ground conditions.

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