Major Types of Business Growth Strategies

You don’t need billion-dollar revenue or the same investment to defeat your business opponents. All you need to outclass them in both the selling and marketing departments is a robust business growth strategy. Without a strategy, you cannot grow your business rapidly. Your struggles don’t remain streamlined without a strategy and you fail to achieve the desired results. 

It may be difficult for you to create your business growth strategy and work on it, especially when you are new in the world of business and entrepreneurship. However, taking assistance from business growth strategists in Dubai can help you a lot. These strategists are highly skilled and qualified with years of experience. They understand the market better than anyone else. So they can help you in creating and executing solid business growth plans.

However, there are different types of business growth strategies. How would you decide which one is suitable for your company? To find the answer, you must go through some major types of growth strategies. 

Types of Strategies Business Growth Strategists Can Help You With

Market Development/Market Penetration 

It is among the common types of business growth strategies. You all know without developing a market, your business cannot start growing. You cannot target more and more customers in a single market. You need to expand your market and then penetrate it to make sales. Deep penetration in the market is required to develop it. 

Business growth strategists help you in developing the market. They assist you in finding the right marketplace and then developing it. They also keep the condition in mind as well, so that you don’t have to face hurdles when marketing at a new place. If you manage to develop markets successfully, you can take your business to the heights of glory and success. It is the first step to developing your business into an internationally recognized brand.

Market Disruption 

This type is a little bit difficult, however, it can be easy with some hard work and taking the right steps. According to this strategy, you need to enter a well-established market and disrupt it to introduce your company there. In every market, you must have seen some tycoons who have a grip on the whole market. You need to disrupt their market. 

The following are the key steps you can take to disrupt any well-settled market.

  • You need to introduce a new product in the market that grabs people’s attention.
  • Instead of traditional marketing methods, you need to adopt some innovations to disrupt a market.
  • Your business model must not resemble any of the already existing businesses in the market. 
  • Providing good quality and relatively cheaper products can do the trick for you. 


Diversification is one of the latest business growth strategies that revolve around modern day problems and their solutions. It is very difficult to break the market using your traditional services or products. It may even take more than 2 or even 3 decades to grow your business by sticking to the traditional products of your company.

The world wants changes, and you have to bring it into your products to break the market. Trying modern-day technology and bringing new products can help you grow your business rapidly. In case your company cannot launch new products, try to bring some exciting features to your existing products. Doing so can help you to generate more revenues which is a good sign for the growth of your business. 

New Channels 

Distributing channels are required to deliver your products to customers all over the world. You can opt for many new channels to grow your business rapidly. Various benefits are associated with introducing new channels. It doesn’t demand you to launch any new product. You can accelerate revenue generation without any big investment. 

Opening new channels help you to expand your market as well. For example, if you are currently working in a country, your market is limited. However, you can expand it by opening new channels in other countries. Similarly, you can opt for online stores as well. Take assistance from business growth strategists in Dubai before launching any new channel. They help you in finding a suitable time and place to introduce a new channel.

Final Thoughts 

You can opt for any of the above business growth strategies depending on your business’s condition and requirements. What if! I told you a secret. Mixing different strategies and then applying them can give you some amazing results.

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