Pangarchulla Peak trek is a very famous trek that is usually loved by all the daredevils across the world. On the first day, you will be kick-starting your journey from Rishikesh and from there you need to move to Joshimath. You must drive approximately a distance of 255 km which requires 11 hours of travel. You can witness the Panch Prayag amid your journey. From Joshimath, you can see that your trek begins. You will be able to witness the tributaries of the river Ganga as well. The forests that are present in Garhwal along with the valleys and the mountains make this place mesmerizing. You will be able to reach Auli by the evening.

On the 2nd day, 

you must take a drive from Joshimath to Akhrotghetta. In between, you will be passing through places like Tugasi, Gulling, etc. Trekking from Tugasi is yet another thing that you will be doing. You will be trekking a distance of 12 km which takes 7 hours. You will be able to witness the majestic Mt. Nanda Devi peak, Mt Dronagiri, Mt Ghoda, etc. which are present near Auli. Tugasi is a very enchanting village that you need to visit. In the winter season, there will be a presence of snowfall in this region. Kharchi is yet another village that you must visit while passing through here. Tugasi is very famous for its wheat fields and the flowers like a poppy. You should not forget to refill your bottles while being here to make yourselves hydrated. The Guling campsite is present in the forest area and hence it will be a great experience for you all to be there.

On the 3rd day, 

you will be starting your trek from Akhrotghetta and your journey will be towards Khullara. This is a trek which is having a duration of 4 hours. You will be able to witness the majestic Himalayas in front of your eyes. You will be passing through Lord Curzon’s trail. The 360 degrees views of the Himalayas will be opened in front of you, which you can access. It will be a visual treat for you all to witness the Neelkanth, Dronagiri, Nilgiri peak, etc. Trishul and some parts of the Nanda Devi are also present in a way that you can witness. You will be going towards the grasslands which are present there and you will reach the Khullara camp-site after continuing your journey.

On day 4,

 from Khullara, you will be completely seeing Khullara and from there you need to visit the Kuri Top. This is a trek that requires 5 hours of trekking. You will be passing through the Khuari pass as well. Do not miss the sunrise as well as the sunset which you can view from this place which will be such great sights for you all.

Day 5,

it is dedicated to the travel from Khullara to the Pankarchulla summit. After reaching the Pankarchulla summit, you need to return to Khullara on the very same day as well. This is a trek that requires approximately 16 hours of trekking. This path and the area will be fully covered with snow and hence, you need to wear sunglasses as it will help you to avoid snow blindness. After reaching the Pankarchulla main and its subsidiary summits, you will be moving back to your place of stay. That whole day will be dedicated to the summit climb as well as to the Pankarchulla view.

On day 6,

 your trek will be starting from Khullara and it will be towards Karchi. You need to drive towards the next place, that is, Thapovan. The trek duration will be approximately 5 hours. It will be such a mesmerizing experience for you all to walk in the walnut trees as well as the Oak forest which appears to be Golden and Brown. You will be so astonished to move through the trail which has the presence of Rhododendrons on the way. There are lots of small streams available there in which you will witness the azure crystal clear water which is consumable. During the winter season, you need to be very careful while accessing the water from the streams because they used to get frozen, thus making them very slippery as they are frozen with ice.

On the last day, that is, day 7,

 from Thapovan you will be back to Rishikesh. This will take approximately 11 hours to drive at a distance of around 260 km. On the way down, you will witness the Panch Prayag as well and it will truly be a drive that is scenic and serene toward Rishikesh. After reaching Rishikesh, you can go back to your hometown with lots of memories.

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