2: Five winning tactics you should be aware of 2 is one of those games that is simple to learn but difficult to master, inspired by the 2015 MMO browser game For those unfamiliar with the io genre, most of these games follow a common gameplay structure that is survival of the fittest or ‘kill or be killed’. In other words, dominance is everything in io games. This feature makes io games enjoyable and engaging, particularly for those who do not have enough free time to play competitive video games. In, for example, a single round can last anywhere from 5 seconds to 10 minutes, depending on the players’ abilities and strategies in the arena.

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Speaking of skills and strategy, if you’re having trouble surviving in 2, you’ve come to the right place because we’ve scoured the internet for strategies that can help you win the round. That being said, feel free to peruse our shortlist below and try it out the next time you enter the competitive world of 2.

  • It is a virtue to be patient.

One of the most common mistakes new players make in is going head-to-head with other players right away. Most of the time, this aggressive action will result in the player’s block being destroyed. As a result, it is critical to remember that is not about racing; it is, for the most part, about dominance.

To survive in 2, you must take your time and blend in with the other blocks. This strategy will give you enough time to expand your territory without being interrupted by other blocks. Three of the most important skills required for this game are patience, strategy, and planning.

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  • Begin at the corners

Another useful technique in 2 is to look for the map’s corner as soon as you enter the arena. This is due to the fact that the corner is the best place on the map to start your dominance. It also provides a clear vantage point for detecting incoming threats. Staying in the corner will not only increase your chances of survival, but it will also give you a fighting chance to dominate the level. As a result, remember to get to the corner as soon as possible.

  • Make watching commercials a habit. 2, like most indie games, is supported by advertisements and microtransactions. Most free-to-play games will not receive updates or, worse, will not survive after a year on the market if the studio’s monetization scheme is not implemented. That being said, if you enjoy the game but do not want to spend real money on it, watching short ads is your next best option. Not only will watching advertisements benefit the developer, but it will also benefit you. This is because the game will give you an extra life in exchange for watching a brief advertisement.

  • Play 2 in Fashion 2 allows you to customize your block, despite its simple design. You can do so by selecting the (+) symbol near the block avatar in the title menu. You will find a large number of avatars that you can unlock and use to personalize your block. Each avatar, however, requires a unique challenge to unlock. That being said, if you have your heart set on a specific avatar, all you have to do is accept the challenge.

  • They Aren’t Humans

If there is one thing new players should keep in mind when playing 2, it is that other players do not have control over the other blocks in the game. All of the other blocks roaming around an arena are bots. This means that the majority of these blocks will respond to your playing style. For example, if you become overly aggressive, the AI in the game will become overly aggressive as well. That being said, keep a low profile and employ the first technique on this list, which is all about patience, strategy, and planning.

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