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Steinway & Sons has been a renowned piano maker since its founding in New York in 1853. Known all over the world for its excellent workmanship, Steinway Piano has two piano-making factories around the world: Astoria, New York and Hamburg, Germany. Smyths Toys Discount Code NHS


Founded in 1887, it belongs to Japan Yamaha Co., Ltd. It started with the reed organ and is the largest musical instrument manufacturer in the world, specializing in the production of musical instruments/audio equipment/audio-visual products/semiconductor materials, etc.

Pearl River Piano

Guangzhou Zhujiang Piano Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1956. It is a comprehensive musical instrument culture enterprise integrating piano, digital musical instruments, music education, and cultural media. The ability and global scale of piano production and sales.


The upright pianos and grand pianos manufactured by Hailun Company are exported to Europe, the United States, Japan and other places, and have been widely recognized and praised locally. There are nearly 300 piano shops in Europe and North America, more than 40 piano shops in Japan are selling Hailun pianos, and more than 800 piano shops are selling Hailun products worldwide.


Kawai is KAWAI, usually translated as: Kawaii, which means “cute” in Japanese, and here it represents the piano brand produced by Japan (strain) Hehe Musical Instrument Manufacturing. Hehe is a piano factory that uses its surname as a piano trademark

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How to choose a piano

  • When buying a piano, you need to consider the following aspects


  • piano


  1. Types of pianos: There are many types of pianos on the market, such as handmade pianos, digital pianos, and electronic pianos. Choose the right piano type according to your needs and preferences.
  2. Piano brands: There are many brands of pianos, and each brand of piano has its own characteristics. When purchasing, you can choose the right brand according to your preferences and budget.
  3. Piano Size: The larger the piano, the better the sound quality and the higher the price. If you have limited space in your home, consider buying a smaller piano.
  4. The keyboard of the piano: the more delicate the keyboard of the piano, the better the touch, and the higher the price. When purchasing, you can try to play it several times to feel the feel of the keyboard.
  5. Piano timbre: Piano timbre refers to the sound made when the piano is played. A good piano tone is usually clear and even without noise. When purchasing, you can try to play a few pieces of music to feel the timbre of the piano.

Piano Care: Care of the Piano Body and Piano Exterior

  1. Piano Body and Piano Exterior Protection
  2. Avoid sunlight and close to heating and stoves, which will cause deformation of the paint and shell;
  3. Pay attention to the indoor temperature and humidity. Too hot or too cold, too dry or too humid is bad for piano parts and body. In the northern region, the room is usually too dry, so you can put a bowl of water in the lower part of the piano and let it evaporate;
  4. To wipe the surface of the piano, wipe it gently with a soft gauze to avoid scratching the painted surface;
  5. The fingernails for playing the piano should not be too long, so as not to damage the piano keyboard (especially the white keyboard);
  6. The piano has four casters, always oil it to avoid rust

Protection of the interior of the piano

  1. In addition to strings and iron bones, the internal machinery of the piano is mainly a combination of wood and felt. Therefore, special attention should be paid to insect-proof. Just put some mothballs every year;
  2. Open the door of the piano cover every year to clean up the dust to avoid the conditions for the growth of moths

What is the difference between an electronic piano and a piano

From the point of view of the rhythm, the sound of the electronic piano is similar to that of the piano. The electronic piano is a digital piano, which is assembled with electronic components and played in the form of electricity; the piano is composed of strings, which requires a lot of craftsmanship to manufacture. Come out, the piano shell is made of wood, and the keys are also covered with wooden protective covers. The price of the piano is higher than that of the electronic piano.

  • Electronic piano
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  1. The components of the electronic piano are electronic components, which are often referred to as digital pianos. The electronic piano is very small and only consists of a shelf.
  2. The adjustment of the electronic piano is carried out according to the switch adjustment. The rhythm of the electronic piano can be crisp or vigorous, and the sound can be adjusted.
  3. The electronic piano is connected with a power source, and the pot can only be operated and played.
  4. The temperament of the piano is completed by the bass, middle and high pitch, and the change of the temperament is completed by playing chords with both hands.
  5. Pianos have pedal coordination and two-handed playing to complete the piece being played. Easytoys Discount Code NHS

The shell of the piano is large and heavy, and the piano is a whole. After playing, the piano cover is put on to protect the keys. Therefore, the difference between the electronic piano and the piano is that the electronic piano is composed of digital components, the piano is made of strings, and the price of the electronic piano is lower than that of the piano.

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