Premium tyres Vs Budget tyres: what should you choose?

You have to think about a lot of factors before buying new tyres. These factors may include cost, quality, features, recommendations of carmakers, and modern trends.

Tyres manufacturers have a large range of tyres in the market. Therefore, you must not face any problems when you show your interest in a specific type of car tyres. If you want to consider mainly cost, premium and Cheap Tyres Newcastle Upon Tyne are available in the market. You can choose any type according to your plans and preferences.

In this blog, we will tell you about premium and budget tyres. This explanation is going to help you to make a good decision.

Premium tyres

You have to pay the highest cost to buy these tyres. Tyre makers spend a lot of time in research before they make the basic design of these tyres. The highest quality of materials makes these tyres ensure optimum efficiency in extreme weather and road conditions.

If you show your interest in premium tyres, they will provide the following benefits:

Superior performance:

If you are an enthusiastic car driver, you will like premium tyres. Premium tyres are at the peak of their performance. They provide better grip and traction on roads. Moreover, premium tyres respond quickly when you send inputs to turn or accelerate your car. So, car drivers always enjoy driving the vehicle on these tyres.  


As mentioned above, manufacturers ensure the highest quality of tyre material while they make premium tyres. Therefore, you will find these tyres more durable than other types of tyres. They are available at a high cost but you do not need to change these tyres again and again. So, these tyres are affordable if you think differently.

Better fuel economy:

You can buy premium tyres if you want to have better fuel efficiency. Premium tyres come with lower rolling resistance. As a result, the car engine does not consume extra fuel to keep the fuel economy at a steady level.

Safety and comfort:

Since premium tyres provide optimum grip and traction on roads, you will find them safer than other tyres. Premium tyres come with better resistance against wet roads in rainy weather. So, you can use these tyres to prevent aquaplaning. Because of better responsiveness, stability, and low rolling resistance, premium tyres ensure an optimum level of driving comfort as well. As you see, premium tyres provide a lot of advantages. However, it is not necessary to buy these tyres if cheaper tyres can meet your goals.

You can surely buy premium tyres in the following conditions, If you have no problem with the higher cost, you can buy these tyres.Moreover, you can buy premium tyres if you often drive your car in harsh weather and road conditions.Additionally, premium tyres are your ideal tyres if you have to cover long distances to finish your commercial assignments.

Budget tyres

As the name suggests, budget tyres are cheaper than premium tyres. Since the tyre makers have to make cheaper tyres, they must compromise with the basic features like durability, wear resistance, and gripping power.

However, they cannot go below the minimum limit because they have to follow minimum safety guidelines while making three tyres.

Are budget tyres safe for roads?

Budget tyres are safe in normal driving conditions. However, they are not at the higher level of performance but you can use them to reach a destination safely.

Budget tyres are not just like high-performance premium tyres but they are not unsafe on roads at the same time.

If you use your car to reach your office, shop or other destination daily, you can surely use budget tyres for your vehicle without any tension.

Are budget tyres better than secondhand tyres?

Secondhand tyres are not new tyres. A person has used these tyres and now they are available to start a second lifespan with your vehicle. So, budget tyres are surely better than these secondhand tyres.

Budget tyres are fresh tyres. Therefore, you can rely on these tyres for normal driving conditions. Part-worn tyres can serve your goals in normal driving conditions but you know well that they are old and partly worn. You can face serious damage in your budget tyres at any moment.

When are budget tyres beneficial for you?

  • You can buy budget tyres for your vehicle in the following conditions:
  • If you want affordable tyres, budget tyres will certainly meet your objectives.
  • If you do not need to cover long distances and you are happy with short trips, you surely can use budget tyres for your vehicle.
  • If you have a plan to sell your car in the future, you can install budget tyres in the vehicle. Moreover, you can buy budget tyres if you want to buy tyres instantly because of a blowout or puncture.
  • You should avoid budget tyres if you have ambitious driving goals.


Your choice depends on your preferences and features of premium and Cheap Tyres Newcastle Upon Tyne. If you drive in harsh driving conditions, just considering affordability would not fix your problem. You have to look at premium tyres to fulfil your driving goals. Similarly, premium tyres are useless for you if you drive your car in normal driving conditions.

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