Pros & Cons of Auto Dialers


Auto-dialers are tools that enable a business to engage in predictive dialing that saves money and time. Auto-dialer solutions are used for more than just telemarketing. The solution can be used as a tool to call centers, schools, customers, and non-profit organizations.

It can use a pre-recorded message to offer an automated experience or it can also transfer calls to human agents. A business that has a wider audience and handles a high volume of calls can be benefitted from auto-dialer solutions. 

Four Types of Auto-Dialer Solutions Help a Business in Different Ways

1. Predictive Dialer:

It can answer calls faster by guessing which line is about to ring and informing the agents. It supports the agents in answering calls faster and saves time. It allows us to offer instant service and enhances customer satisfaction.

2. Progressive Dialer:

It is an automated voice calling system that calls a contact and interacts with a brief message. It typically interacts with pre-recorded messages. A customer has the option to either attend or reject the call. One example of usage for progressive dialer is the use of the dialer for voting for candidates. It is used by different industries, however, for voting, the entertainment industry uses it popularly.

3. Power Dialer: 

This auto dialer software application or hardware device automatically places phone calls to contact potential customers. By using a list of numbers supported by an advanced algorithm, the number rings multiple phone lines simultaneously. This auto dialer is used by thousands of businesses from across the world. They are popularly preferred by businesses operating in multiple markets since they can handle large accounts without many operators on site.

4. Intelligent Robo Dialer:

This dialer is also known as an intelligent dialer that represents a digital version of automated dialing equipment. This software allows multiple calls to be initiated simultaneously. The automated calls can be for different purposes.

Pros & Cons of Auto-Dialers


1. Reduced Agent Wait Time:

Auto dialer solutions include sophisticated voice detection technology that allows them to know exactly when to route a call in a real-time to live operator. This is a way that agents can hop from one call to another quickly. As there is no downtime spent waiting for ringing unanswered phone calls.

2. Increased Conversion Ratios:

As the information of a call is informed before a call is made by the preview dialers, it increases the use of personalization in every human interaction. Preview dialer supports sales agents with the information needed for identifying high-quality leads so that a business can spend more time on value-driven actions. It helps in the growth and development of a business.

3. Reduced Customer Wait Time:

The solution supports the inbound callers to reach the agent easily with the call-back feature. Therefore, instead of holding or getting pushed to an auto-attendant or voicemail; the calls are attended which results in reduced customer wait time.


1. More Employees:

Predictive auto-dialer solution system ideally requires more workforce. The predictive dialing algorithms cannot route calls based on availability; however, they can predict calls an agent spends on each call. It can automatically start dialing the next number on their list a few seconds before the agent hangs up.

If all of the agents in a small team are busy, the customers will find all the lines busy. Thus, it can be an inconvenience for small businesses or startups that have fewer human resources. Also, the waiting would increase which would repeal customers from the business. More than benefitting the business, it would increase the risk of increased customer wait time and thus affect customer service delivery.

2. Errors in Detecting Live Calls:

Some auto dialer solutions in a lower quality calling conditions may have to struggle in distinguishing between live calls and a voice mail greeting. For example, voicemail greetings can be routed to live agents who can decide to leave a voicemail or just disconnect the call. Neither of any is the best use of an agent’s time. It further becomes a challenge for the business in a hindrance in customer service delivery.

Every solution comes with pros and cons; a business needs to know both. With the information, a business can focus on maximizing the pros that can benefit the business and reduce the cons.

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