The Perfect Weekend Travel Guide For Your First Visit To Boston

Boston sees a huge number of tourists every year especially during the summer season. The place is known for its arts and cultural heritage and has broken barriers in comparison to many other countries. Boston has a historical past and is known as one of the oldest cities in America.

 While visiting Boston, the travelers can experience various developments that have taken place since the past. If you are planning to visit Boston, book Allegiant Flights for your next trip to Boston.

Places to visit in Boston during the weekend

  • Visit Fenway Park- Parks have always been a source of attraction for many years and here in Boston, Fenway park is one of the most talked about parks among the tourists. It is a baseball park and the best place to visit if you are a baseball player. The park is open from morning till evening. and entry fees are applicable to all those who wish to visit the park.
  • Fine Arts Museum– Tourists love to explore cultural history of any place and if there are any museums, they are a must visit for all the people visiting the place. The museum in Boston is one of the most famous museums in the world and is spread in an extensive manner. There are huge collections of artworks and more than 8000 paintings stored there. 
  • Tea Party Ships- The name is nothing like any tea party but a museum on floating ships. The tea party ship and museum has changed the course of American history and has become the largest attraction since then. You will find all the past lives and the historical artifacts of the American Revolution. If you wish to visit this Tea party museum in Boston, book Allegiant Flights and plan your trip in the most affordable manner.
  • Opera House– Boston has great tourist attractions and the opera house is one amongst them. It was a movie theater in the past but was converted to an opera later on. The place is known for its traditional buildings and acoustics. The place was shut down but was reopened again and since then it has managed to attract tourists from all across the globe. The park allows visitors entry from morning to evening..
  • Take a tour of the Public Garden- The Boston garden is a huge garden with wide varieties of flora situated in the heart of the city. It is the first botanical garden of Boston. It is one of the best places in Boston for strolling and other activities. It is made in the Victorian style and has various rich designs of flowers and plants. For the plant lovers, this place is a must visit for them.
  • Boston Brewery- For all the wine and beer lovers, Boston has a very special place to offer like the Samuel Adams Brewery. Here you will find high quality wine and beers which are hard to find in any other places. Fresh beers are also available. The place is known to supply its fresh quality beers to other places as well. Make sure to visit the place once if you are in Boston.

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Boston is known for its cultural beauty and mesmerizing views. There are many places that are a must visit in Boston. Explore all those places and make your trip to Boston memorable. We also insist the readers to book Allegiant Flights the next time they plan their trip to Boston. There are many more places that are not discussed but the travelers visiting the place get a huge amount of options to visit. So plan your trip and enjoy the beauty of the place.

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