The story between the two tails of the world

Are you seeking a peaceful world? But half the world’s population is dirt poor, suffering from widespread desperation due to hunger. Cruel life while being manipulate by the superpowers. And, like a time bomb, this desperation is ticking and threatens global security. Why do we need to understand the so-call Matrix of the world? Before that, we need to understand the Earth.

What on Earth?

Enlighten a person’s mind and unfold mysteries with a captivating journey. For amateurs, the Earth is a piece of land where life exists and a race goes on amongst the species, which has continued since the beginning of time. But the philosophers and scientists broad such a simple human mindset and enlarge their perspective. The perception of facts has grown exponentially, just like the Author Imran Khan. It has portrayed his thoughts in his novel, Gambit on the Devil’s Chessboard. Treacherous mysteries, suspense, and action abound as the story unfolds in a style reminiscent of Frederick Forsythe’s thriller, The Day of the Jackal. Still, the desire to bring peace on Earth drives the struggle to make good triumph over Evil.

Taking it to the Devil?

Though misunderstand events show we are all human and perceive that Evil exist. However, many authors like Charles Dickens and J.K Rowling evoked the substantial role of the Devil. Evil forces in stories where creativity lies in their experiences. Authors like Imran Khan draw on the facts of the world, seizing the readers and captivating them, compelling them to dive in and seek the truth.

The way out from the Evil?

Some may believe there is only one Devil under whom the systemic evilness grew. Imran Khan, the author of this fascinating book, GAMBIT ON THE DEVIL’S CHESSBOARD. Captivates the readers by unraveling the devilishly complex system. Which keeps large swaths of populations exploited by the superpowers and their puppet dictators, keeping people poor and desperate.

 Bottom line:

  • Vision, wisdom and knowledge push the hidden truth’s doors wide open. Imran Khan’s novel, GAMBIT ON THE DEVIL’S CHESSBOARD, enthralls, enlightens, and entertains the reader with insightfulness and optimism seldom seen, showing how we can make this world a peaceful place.


Dr. Imran Khan


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