Things to do in Chicago

Chicago is one of the biggest cities in the United States, residing on Lake Michigan in Illinois. Its skyline is skyscrapers such as the iconic John Hancock Center, the 1,451-foot Willis Tower, and the neo-Gothic Tribune Tower. The Art Institute of Chicago, with its notable Impressionist and Post-Impressionist works, is also well-known in the city.

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1. Soldier Field

Nothing moves the earth like the pounding of 66,000 feet during a football game or a rock ‘n’ roll concert. This energy can be to its fullest at Soldier Field! Soldier Field, Chicago’s largest stadium, hosts all the city’s major events. You can watch football, soccer, hockey, or rugby; go to political rallies or monster truck shows; and listen to music ranging from Bon Jovi to BTS. There is always something new on the agenda, and it is always insane. 

2. Crystal Gardens

The Crystal Gardens’ lush trees and flowers are like something out of a storybook, growing beneath a glass atrium. The decor is white, but the plants add vibrant pops of colour to the palette. They are also dotted with sculptures, fairy lights, water fountains, and other pleasing decorations. It should come as no surprise that the Crystal Gardens hosts many weddings. Visit the Crystal Gardens for an indoor nature tour that is both beautiful and breathtaking.

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3. Baha’i House of Worship

You’d be if you’ve never heard of Baha’i, an obscure but fascinating Middle Eastern religion. Despite its millions of followers, it only has a few temples and prayer houses around the world. It’s incredible that Illinois has one. In fact, Illinois has the oldest and largest, as well as the only one in North America. The architecture is stunning. A lace-patterned dome sits atop nine pillars that form the centre of the structure. The Baha’i House of Worship is one of the most unusual Chicago attractions you can visit.

4. The Weiners Circle

Despite its small size, this bright yellow hotdog stands packs a powerful punch. It’s one of the best places to visit in Chicago for a reason! Wieners Circle’s main draw is its funky late-night atmosphere. It also attracts a lot of insomniacs who don’t care about traditional mealtimes and prefer to gorge themselves on hearty, Chicago-style hotdogs at any time of day. Another enjoyable aspect of Wieners Circle is that employees and customers are to yell at one another.

5. Sky Rink

Chicago’s weather, as one might expect from a city dubbed “The Windy City,” can be cold. It helps to lean into the chill rather than away from it, which requires a trip to a place like the Sky Rink. As you enjoy the picturesque setting, you’ll feel like the main character in a holiday movie. It’s very romantic, especially if you’re travelling or honeymooning with someone special.

6. Welles Park

If you’re looking for a quiet place to unwind, Welles Park can provide a welcome respite from the city’s lights, noises, and crowds. It is not devoid of amenities. The park also has a swimming pool, a fitness centre, a baseball field, a football field, and a children’s playground. The best part about the park, though, is that you can ignore all the attractions and enjoy it for what it is: a natural oasis. Many Chicago attractions are all about glitz and glam.

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