Tips And Tricks To Save On Kid’s Clothing

I know that many of you are already thinking about what to wear to school. If you don’t plan ahead, it can get expensive. We don’t have to buy for this season because we homeschool, but we’ve learned a lot of ways to save money and still make sure our kids look nice. Here are a few things that I do. To earn discounts on Kid’s Clothing below are some coupon codes.

Buy at Garage Sales

When I’m in the mood to have a garage sale, I like to make a list of the clothes that my children need or will need soon. Because there are so many of them, I also keep a list of their current sizes in case I forget. However, Guess Discount Code can be redeemed at any time. 

Visit Second-Hand Stores Or Sales.

At consignment stores, you can find name-brand clothes in good shape for a small fraction of the price they would cost at a store. Yes, they’ve been used before, but who cares if they’re cute? In our town, there is one second-hand store that is open all year. We also have two consignment sales every year, which are like garage sales but only for kids’ clothes. These kid’s clothing sales happen when the seasons change.

Use Swap Groups On Facebook

You probably already have your own kid’s clothing Facebook Swap group in your area by now. If you don’t have one already, you should start one. Most of the time, these Facebook groups are based in the city or county where you live.

Find Out When Sales Are

Every year, many stores have sales at the same time. If you know when these are, you can save money for sure. There are also coupons and cash offers on kid’s clothing if you spend a certain amount of money at these stores. Gymboree sometimes has sales where if you spend $50 one week, you get $25 to spend the next week.

Outlet Malls are Fun

We lived about an hour from Branson, Missouri, which had three outlet malls at the time my third child was born. (They are now down to just two, but they still have some great deals!) Getting to an outlet mall often will help you find deals on kid’s clothing.

Keep Your Older Kids’ Clothes

In my basement, I keep a lot of clothes for kids. I really don’t need to buy clothes that often. I have to buy more of them because I don’t save enough for both of my boys. There are simply too many years between them for me to bother. Or if you want to save on kid’s clothing then use the Trotters Discount Code.

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