Top 5 Tips To Design Your Pre Roll Joint Boxes

Pre Roll Joint Boxes

Whether you are a new or old company, passionate about esports, or want to show your support, you can expect no less than custom joint boxes! But how do you design your box? This question needs to be answered soon in advance and with clarity. Pre roll box is a special type of packaging used to put pre-roll joints (or marijuana buds, in other words) before they are store or sold. As the name suggests, it is a protective, sealed container that keeps your pre-rolls fresh and safe from the elements.

Tip 1: Use A Good Color Contrasting Combination

When choosing the best color combinations for your pre roll joints, it’s important to remember that the best color scheme doesn’t look like anything else. You can use bright primary colors or solid black-and-white combinations to create a unique look for your packaging boxes, but if you’re going for something more uniform, choose something easy on the eyes.

For example, if you’re making pre-roll joints in various shapes and sizes, consider using a soft pink or light blue background with dark purple and yellow pops. This will help keep your brand’s identity from getting lost among all the other products on the shelf.

Tip 2: Use An Iconic Image

In marketing, it’s all about the product. If you want people to buy your product, you must make them feel like they’re getting something special. The best way to do that is with a memorable image.

Iconic image recognition by the public has a strong emotional connection. The image should be one you would be happy for someone to see when they find your product in a store or online. It should also communicate the brand identity of your product.

Tip 3- Choose A Unisex Font To Aid Legibility

This will help your packaging stand out, especially if you want to appeal to a wider audience.

By choosing a visually appealing and legible font, you’ll be able to attract more customers and keep them engaged with your brand!

Tip 4- Try To Create Packaging That Looks As Appealing As Possible

When you sell pre rolls, it is essential to place them in a way that will make them look good on the shelf and attract customers. The best way to do this is by creating packaging that is appealing and eye catching.

There are many ways to package pre rolls so that customers can see them from afar, but one of the most common methods is using a box or plastic bag. This method works well because it allows customers to see what they buy from a distance and can be store easily when not used for their intended purpose.

You can also choose between blank cigarette boxes, depending on what kind of packaging style you want people to see when purchasing your product.

Tip 5- Turn Your Packaging Design Into Marketing Material For Your Product.

In the world of cannabis, product packaging has become a key way to differentiate your company and make it stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking to attract customers and increase brand loyalty, then a great way to do that is with custom-made carton boxes for your custom soap packaging.

This way, people will know exactly what they’re buying when they buy from you instead of just guessing whether or not what they’re buying is good quality without knowing anything about it beforehand.”


Letting pre roll packaging stand out from the competition is easy and simple. You can have a beautiful pre-roll box. Here is your chance to design it. Or make one of your customers want to avoid opening at all. This article will help you understand the different categories to think of when designing packaging boxes pre-roll. It will also give you a base knowledge of what joint packing boxes need to look their best.

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