What Are the Top 5 International Brand Effective Tyres? 

Are you also looking for the most searched and used tyres in the world? If yes, dear tyre seekers, you must read our blog thoroughly. Here we take a look at some of the important brands that have set high standards in the tyre industries. All of these can be easily found in your nearest automotive workshop when you will ask for such Tyres Leicester as car owners are more interested in purchasing them.


Are you also interested in those tyres that can deliver long-lasting performance with special durability? If so then you should keep the Bridgestone brand in your preference. It covers such and other magnificent qualities that make a tyre worthy. Based on the weather, driving style, road circumstances, and other factors a wide range of different tyres are manufactured under this brand. You can select the best-suited tyres because here every specification along with size will be fulfilled. Thus, the name of Bridgestone is greatly appreciated all over the world and an unlimited number of vehicles are fitted with tyres of this well-known brand. Many people also require that comfort feature which helps reduce overheating due to vehicle-tyre friction and frustrated noise that bother vehicle occupants when they want to enjoy their journey with peace. So, in this matter, Bridgestone is taking a stand to support you efficiently and one thing also noted is that tyres are also capable of improving fuel efficiency. 


The Michelin brand has improved its tyres so much that it now has its name. This is the quality that can be seen in a tyre, be it summer, winter, all season, high performance, SUV, 4×4, or sports car. These tyres are manufactured keeping in mind every demand which always helps in enhancing the smooth performance of the vehicle and creating a safe and comfortable driving experience. Tyres made of different specifications to deal with specific road harshness will always help provide a better grip on the road. This means you can change tyres according to the weather needs of your area, for instance, wet, dry, snowy, or icy surfaces. Till now we have told about safety and also know about its comfort features. These tyres follow noise-cancelling technology to enjoy the ride without any noise. 


Pirelli is the next name in the line of most used tyres worldwide. It covers all the requirements and most desirable features that a car driver looks for.

Pirelli brand tyres are available at a higher price but are reasonable considering their quality. This is the reason why the number of people buying them is increasing every year. All tyres under this brand have many advantages they do not get damaged easily, their working time is very long, their grip and handling are perfect, etc. This brand has seasonal as well all year-round tyres so that a car owner can choose the tyre as per his preference. A wide range of tyres is present under this brand in keeping the different specifications of every small to large vehicle. When it comes to fuel efficiency, these tyres get a lot of appreciation as per the reviews given by its past customers. This is possible because the construction of tyres is made with the involvement of quite effective compounds according to their specific season and road circumstances. 

Continental :

These brands have reached the market with tyres suitable for every trike vehicle. Continental has included several top tyres that have been extensively researched. Many categories of tyres are also made based on different needs so that they can serve us well at a given time. For instance, summer tyres have also been designed to provide the necessary grip and braking stability when temperatures reach above 7 °C and when the road becomes dry. In contrast, Continental winter tyres provide exceptional performance so you can drive safely when the vehicle is prone to slipping on icy or snowy surfaces, it is considered safe to use these tyres when the temperature reaches below 7 degrees Celsius. The noise-cancelling features of these tyres are quite commendable as they help the tyres block out excess unwanted noise and prevent noise from entering the vehicle. This is possible because tyres have a layer of polyurethane foam on the inner side of the tread. 


Do you want to buy Tyres from Leicester that can deliver quality performance for a long period and will not get damaged or wear out quickly? So we would recommend that you also keep Dunlop in your option because these features are given in their tyres. Different type of tyres are manufactured to suit weather and road conditions with a unique compound and tread design that helps tackle specific conditions. These tyres perform great in terms of handling, gripping and traction which helps in safe riding at all times even in tough conditions. The sidewalls of all Dunlop High-Performance tyres are much stronger than other most challenging tyre brands, which is suitable for drivers who like to go fast and that is why the cornering of these tyres is so good. These prevent the formation of potholes and bumps while driving as they incorporate an spring innovative material in the tread areas.

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