Understanding the Significance of Urdu Language

Urdu is spoken by millions of people across the globe and is predominantly used by people in South Asia, the UK, the USA, and UAE. It is the national language of Pakistan and is spoken in many parts of India, specifically in places like Jammu & Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Bhopal, Delhi, and Hyderabad.

Urdu is extremely easy to learn, as it has almost the same grammatical context as the English language. It has only 35 scripts, which means you can become proficient in reading, writing, and speaking Urdu in just 4-6 months.

Understanding the Origin and Composition of Urdu

Urdu originated from the family of Indo-Aryan languages and is closely associated with Arabic and Persian. Urdu is also quite like Punjabi, as both languages grew from the Shauraseni language. Besides Arabic, several words of Urdu have been taken from Sanskrit and Prakrit. Urdu has been famously used by Poets and Sufis in their marvelous creations. To date, it is one of the most used languages in songs and remains a significant mode of communication among many.

The similarities between Hindi and Urdu also cannot be ignored because of their similar grammar usage and phonology. However, the written form of Hindi follows Devanagari, whereas Urdu follows the Arabic-Perso script. The Nastalik script is used for writing Urdu and other famous languages like Kashmiri, Punjabi, and Pashto. This script is a transformation of the Arabic and Persian scripts. You can take Urdu lessons online and learn this easy-to-grasp language in a few days.

Why is Learning Urdu Important?

The South-Asian market is thriving in almost every industry, especially technology, education, service, manufacturing, healthcare, and retail. It has become imperative for people living in other continents and nations, where learning a second language isn’t very common, to learn new languages to widen their horizons of personal and professional alliances.

Urdu is widely adopted by western countries, especially by professionals who own subsidiaries or businesses in India or Pakistan. The economic power of the sub-continent is growing by leaps and bounds and is a massive playground for the developed nations to establish their businesses here. Getting acquainted with languages like Urdu, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, and Punjabi helps many to communicate effectively with the natives of the sub-continent. You can sign up for an online Urdu certificate course and get familiar with the language.


Urdu is quite a sophisticated language and is beautifully associated with poetry, Sufism, saintly scripts, and authentic music. Learning the language can also lead to economic benefits because of its perpetual use in south Asia, which is abundant with business opportunities. So, take an online Urdu learning course from Cudoo today, and learn this beautiful language.

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