When you want to acquire a used iPhone or any other used mobile, the very first thing that you and I check for is the battery of the phone. How nice is it? What’s the capacity? What’s the battery health? There are so many questions that run through our heads. However, when we speak about a really old phone like an used iPhone 11 Pro, the primary issue that emerges is whether you should replace the battery or not.

This is going to be the primary subject of our conversation. I’ll discuss whether you should update the battery of your old iPhone (no matter the version) (no matter the version). Therefore, these are the subjects that we’ll go through in this essay.

  • What percentage of battery health is useable
  • Should you replace the battery of a used iPhone 11 Pro

Let’s start by going over what battery health is and at what percentage it’s still usable.

What Percentage Of Battery Health Is Useable

If you’re a person who is new to the whole iPhone environment, you may not know about the phrase “Battery health.” This is because ordinarily, on an Android phone like a Samsung Galaxy A33 5G, you can’t quickly get into settings and check up battery health in a few clicks.

However, you could have experienced that the battery of your old mobile phone begins to deplete considerably quicker than it did to when it was brand new. This is because the overall battery health of the smartphone has considerably deteriorated.

This is much more evident on an iPhone since they have a dedicated menu for seeking for this particular item. A new mobile phone’s battery health is always at 100%, meaning the phone will provide you the same battery life that the maker claims. However, after a passage of time, the battery health of the phone will ultimately start to decrease, no matter what safeguards you take.

This is a huge concern with a used iPhone since they have been used previously, and the battery health of the phone will be poorer. This is particularly true for a phone like the used iPhone 11 Pro, which is around 4 years old. That’s a lot of time for a battery to start deteriorating and lose its capacity to maintain a charge for prolonged periods of time.

According to Apple, if their phone has gone through 500 charge cycles (meaning reaching 100%), the health of the phone will decline to 80%. If we suppose that a person charges their smartphone once per day, then it will take around 1.4 years.

Anything over the 80% threshold is good enough to proceed. The performance of the gadget won’t take an impact only because of a tiny battery loss. On the other hand, if the battery health is lower than the suggested battery health, then you’ll witness a considerable shift in the performance of the phone.

This knowledge has helped me a lot in the past since not so long ago, I was in the market to purchase a used iPhone XR. It came in varied degrees of battery health, but I didn’t go for it. Instead, I upped my budget and opted for the used iPhone 12 Pro option to make sure that I obtained the greatest possible battery health for the phone.

Should You Replace the Battery of a Used iPhone 11 Pro

used iPhone 11 Pro

Now that we’ve cleaned everything out, we can deduce that a used iPhone 11 Pro won’t have the % required for it to perform correctly. From what I witnessed, most of the 11 Pros on the market had battery health below 80%.

This might drastically influence the overall utilisation of the old mobile phone. Now the primary question is, “Should you replace its battery?” Now, for some, it could be a very apparent pick since there is no greater thing than having the finest battery, but for others, it’s not. This is because changing the battery of an iPhone implies that you’ll be voiding whatever water resistance the phone may have remained after 4 years.

Without any water protection, the phone is quite prone to receiving water damage. My buddy recently made some changes to his new iPhone 13 Pro Max. He wanted to make it as spectacular as possible. Once he was through with that, it just needed a small sprinkle of water to get in the phone and fry its motherboard.

Plus, in Pakistan, there are a lot of counterfeit batteries for iPhones. If you change one in your used iPhone 11 Pro, you’ll quickly realise that it won’t be operating correctly. So, you won’t just get the poorest battery, but you’ll also be voiding whatever water resistance that is left on the phone.

However, there are several reputable phone repair folks on the market that will not only offer you with the greatest battery but also make sure to reapply the water-resistant cover. My own view on this topic is to sell such a phone and obtain the phone that has superior battery health.


Hopefully, this small explanation has helped you come to a choice of either replacing the battery of the used iPhone 11 Pro or the phone itself. As I indicated previously, I got a secondhand iPhone 12 Pro not too long ago, but it wasn’t a very straightforward procedure.

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