What Are Some Popular Ways to Use Moldavite Crystals in Healing and Meditation Practices?

Moldavite is a unique and robust crystal famous for helping people grow and change. But how do you use it? Even though its energy is stronger than that of other stones, Moldavite is similar to any other crystal. We’ve made a simple list of ways to use Moldavite to enjoy its special powers. If you have decided to buy moldavite crystal and are excited to use this beautiful green stone, keep reading!

Activate Your Moldavite Before Use

First, clean your new crystal by exposing it to sunlight, moonlight, burning sage, or using selenite or clear quartz to prepare it. Then, charge it overnight by burying it to absorb earth and moon energy.

Cleaning new crystals is crucial to clear any old energy from previous owners. Crystals don’t distinguish between positive and negative energy.

Alternatively, you can cleanse and charge Moldavite by holding it in your left hand under sunlight.

Start With A Short Moldavite Session

If you’re new to Moldavite, begin slowly. Experts advise having short sessions with it at first. Because Moldavite has an intense energy, it’s essential to use it carefully to avoid feeling overwhelmed. So, begin with short sessions to get used to its effects.

Hold your Moldavite or put it where it’s needed on your body. Let it do its quick energy work. If you’re unsure, try placing it on your heart. You might feel dizzy afterward, so go outside and stand on the ground to steady yourself.

Use It For Dream Work

Try Moldavite for dream work. Leavy says it’s great for lucid dreaming or getting insights from your dreams. You can put it under your pillow, on your bedside table, or wear it as jewelry, like a ring, when you sleep.

Use It For Shadow Work

Shadowwork helps you connect with parts of yourself that may have been hidden or ignored. To explore these hidden aspects, hold Moldavite or keep it nearby while you meditate on your fears, hesitations, or past traumas. Moldavite brings these feelings to the surface so you can heal and grow.

It’s called the “stone of transformation” for a reason! Remember, change can be scary but can lead to fantastic growth.

Real Moldavite can be pricey and hard to find. Search for “Crystal Shop Near Me” online. Since Moldavite is like glass, it can break easily. Please keep it safe by storing it in a soft pouch or a lined box when you’re not using it.

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