What Diseases are Caused by Mice?

When it comes to home pests, mice are among the top few pests. They are included in some of the most hated pests as they can invade your home and ruin everything. There are different types of micro including brown mice, white-footed mice, etc. When they invade your home, they don’t come alone. They can ruin every single grain of food present in your kitchen. 

They can also damage your property. Furniture, cardboards, and your clothes are the main things that get damaged by the attack of mice. They don’t end there but chew the electrical wires as well. They remove their insulation layer damaging several home appliances. It may also lead to short circuits or other similar problems. 

The worst part of mice infestation is that it leads to several health disorders. You have to deal with plenty of health issues caused by mice. Therefore, you must call the pest exterminator in Surrey BC as soon as you feel the presence of mice in your home. Experts can help you eliminate these creepy creatures within a short duration.

Diseases Caused by Mice 

You may opt for DIY ideas to control mice infestation in your home. However, before making a final call you must first go through the disorders caused by them. Following are some of the most common health disorders caused by mice.


Mice are one of the major careers of this virus. Hantavirus is a life-threatening virus as it can lead to disorders that can cause death. This virus spread in the air around the nests of mice. When you inhale this air, this virus can enter your body and start the damage. Mice’s urine and footprints also cause the spread of this virus.

This virus can cause some serious problems. Severe coughing and nausea are the leading symptoms of this viral attack. It further leads to abdominal pain, diarrhea, and fever. You may also feel fatigued throughout the day. If left unchecked, this virus can be deadly for you.

Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis Virus (LCMV)

LCMV is carried by common house mice or brown mice. They are the most common hosts of this virus and never miss an opportunity to transfer this virus to your body. This virus is transmitted by several means. However, contaminated food is the main reason behind it. It leads to a series of disorders in humans.

When it attacks your body, you first feel fatigued. Then nausea and diarrhea are caused by this virus. After that, this virus starts its second round. It is even more dangerous than the first one. Neurological attacks happened during the 2nd round. Meningitis and Encephalitis are the main occurrences of this round.


Don’t be surprised, you read it right. It’s the same deadly plague that had killed millions of people in the Middle Ages. This deadly disorder can be roaming around you in the form of mice. These creepy pests can cause this deadly disaster in you and your loved ones. Even your pets cannot remain safe from the attack of the plague.

Yersinia Pestis is the bacterium that causes this disorder. It causes all types of plagues and is carried by different varieties of mice. Symptoms of plague may vary depending upon the type you are suffering from. Immediate treatment is required to treat this disorder. Several antibiotics and other drugs are available now to control the plague and prevent the possible death caused by this disorder. 


This bacteria is well known for causing several digestive tract problems in humans. Mice can have this deadly bacteria in their digestive tract and never mind transmitting it to humans. Their waste material and contaminated food are the leading causes of Salmonella transmission. It can enter your digestive system and cause severe problems. 

You may feel chilled and have a fever at the start. It is followed by the abdominal cramps. Then it results in vomiting diarrhea, etc., which can further cause dehydration. 

End Note 

Now you must have realized how dangerous mice infestation is for your health. Therefore never try to eliminate them on your own as you can come in contact with their waste material and get sick. Always call a professional for Microsoft Office 365 in your home. Doing so can help you to get the best results without any risk of health disorders.

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