What Is the School Admission Process in Riyadh?

Riyadh is a popular destination for schooling and education. Several parents from all over the world travel with their children to Riyadh so that they have access to the best schools and quality education. Are you planning to enroll your child in a school in Riyadh? Don’t worry!

You can find all the information about the admission process in Riyadh here.

Generally, schools follow a similar pattern. There are several international schools in Riyadh having a standardized admission process. You need to consider the fee structure and other related requirements before you get your child admitted to one of these schools.

The Admission Process in Riyadh

The school admission process can seem a little complicated at first. However, if you take a step-by-step approach to navigate through the process, you will get your child enrolled without any hassle. The steps involved in the admission process are:

Step 1: Choose the School

It is the most challenging part of the admission process. Riyadh is an educational hub and home to some of the premier education institutes. Also, several international schools in Riyadh are coveted by parents. You must make a list of schools that meet your requirements. Once you have a list, you can narrow down your options based on the pros and cons, financial restrictions, school timings, etc.

Step 2: Get the Fee Details

Once you have shortlisted the list of schools, you must reach out to them and get all the fee details. You can also visit the school’s website for this information. If the details are not there, you can contact or visit the school and collect an admission brochure.

You do not need to pay any fee if you enroll your child in a government school. However, the fee of private schools in Riyadh will range from SR 3,000 to SR 120,000 annually. You must decide on your annual budget before beginning the admission process.

Step 3: Check the Admission Requirements

Different schools have different eligibility criteria and admission requirements. It would be best if you got in touch with the school to understand these requirements. You must also check when the school admission opens to ensure you don’t miss the relevant deadlines.

In Riyadh, a child must be at least two years and ten months old on the 1st of September to get admission to an international school.

However, you will have to wait another year if your child hasn’t reached the minimum age limit.

You must fill out some forms and submit some documents for admission. These requirements might vary slightly from school to school.

These requirements include:

  • A duly filled admission form
  • Iqama copies of the parents and the child
  • A birth certificate of the child
  • A proof of your residence
  • A receipt showing the payment of admission fees
  • Vaccination proofs (applicable for students getting enrolled at KG)
  • School migration certificates in case the child is switching schools.
  • Admission test reports

In some schools, the administration might ask the students to sit for an admission test. This test can be written or verbal, depending on the school’s policy. If your child clears the test, they get admission to that school. You must check for these requirements before you fill out the admission form.

Also, the schools in Riyadh are digitally equipped to conduct the admission process. Therefore, you can fill out the admission forms and submit all the necessary documents on the school’s website. However, you should save the admission fee receipt for future reference.

Step 4: Check the Results 

After completing all the requirements, you must wait for the results after your child appears for the tests. The school will give you a tentative timeline for these results, and you will need to contact the school to know your child’s enrollment status.

Generally, you get a call from the school’s admissions department if your child gets admitted to the school. They will give you a tentative joining date by when the school begins. In Riyadh, the new session usually starts on the 1st of September. The school will ask you to make the necessary payments, like fees, admission charges, etc., before the session begins. You must make these payments to ensure the completion of the admission process.


There are several popular schools in Riyadh, and you must go through the entire process to enroll your child in one of these schools.

Once you understand the process, you will not face any difficulties during admission. Schools like One World International School in Riyadh have a standard admission process to ensure parents do not face any challenges in their child’s admission.

You must immediately reach out to the school if you face any issues during the admission process. They will help you out with the same.

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