How to Draw Charmander

How to Draw Charmander. Hundreds of Pokémon throughout the series, and everyone has their favorite. Some have more fans than others, and Charmander is one of them.

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This fiery reptilian Pokémon has been there since the beginning and has captivated audiences since the first game with its cuteness and surprising power.

This flaming Pokémon has a distinctive design. So if you love Charmander and want to learn how to draw him, you’ve come to the right place!

How to Draw Charmander

Step 1

For this first step in our Charmander drawing guide, we’ll start with an outline for the head and body.

For this step, I recommend using a light pencil, as we will add the legs to the body in the next step.

Its body has a long oval shape, while its head has a different round shape, as shown in the picture.

Step 2

Now it’s the moment to add some legs to your Charmander illustration. The left one has an oval shape for the foot and another shape behind it to form the leg.

The other leg has the same foot shape and a leg connected to the side of his body. If you used a body pen in step one, you can now go over the lines with the pen and erase the pen.

Step 3

We will add some arms for this phase of our focus on how to seduce Charmander. The first is within the body’s outline and consists of two lines with three sharp points for its claws. Next, add a similar arm coming off the left side of the body.

Step 4

Charmander is best known for its bushy tail with a flame at the end. Its tail is thick at the base, tapers as it progresses, and then has a rounded shape with a point over the top for the flame.

You can also draw a small piece of flame that detaches from the main flame to make it look like it’s flickering.

Step 5

Your drawing of Charmander needs some claws on its feet, so draw some sharp triangular shapes coming from the toes of its feet like the ones in the photo.

They’ll be slightly rounded at the base to make it look like they’re sticking out of his feet.

Step 6

We will add some details in part 6 of our guide to drawing Charmander. First, we’ll draw some rounded shapes on her feet to create the pads of her feet.

So a rounded shape occupies most of her abdomen, but her left arm is above it, as shown in the connection image. Ultimately, mark a stripe along the base of the tail to complete this step.

Step 7

Most of the body for your Charmander drawing is complete, so let’s move on to the face now.

His eyes are near the sides of his face and consist of two long, flat-backed ovals.

His nose is a simple curved line below his eyes, and then his mouth is a slightly jagged line with a semi-circular shape.

The mouth is probably the trickiest part, so feel free to refer to the reference image if you’re having trouble first!

Step 8

Charmander has four pointed teeth, two on top and two on the bottom, so let’s add those for this step. When you’re done, you can use a rounded line for his tongue in his mouth.

Draw Charmander

Finally, for this step, you can add some lines in the outline of his tail to add more depth to the fire.

Step 9

Your Charmander drawing only needs a few more edits before you continue coloring!

Charmander Drawing

Just add two solid black ovals in his eyes and two smaller white ovals for his pupils. Finally, add two points for his nostrils to finish him off!

You finished your Charmander drawing with the final details in the previous step, so now it’s time to color Charmander!

Like a fiery Pokemon, it comes in shades of orange, yellow, and red. We’ve included her exact coloring in our image as a guide, but this is your drawing, so don’t be afraid to give Charmander a fresh color look if you’d like!

If I were going to color it, I would use crayons and pencils for most of its body, but then I would use watercolor paints for the flame on its tail to give it a softer look.

Your Charmander Drawing is Finished!

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