How To Use Neuromarketing for Your Content Marketing

You are probably here because you know what neuromarketing is and the benefits it offers. However, you also know that every online environment is unique. We need to ask: How can I apply these principles in digital marketing?

It takes just a few seconds for us to decide whether we want to buy something online. More than 85% of online purchases are impulse purchases.

This is because the subconscious controls the decision-making process. To see all the companies’ digital content strategies, we only need to look at our channels.

Neuromarketing as a part of your digital content strategy Let’s now see how we can apply the examples of digital neuromarketing.

Contrast: Colors are a way to draw attention

You can’t have everything in an image. You can make your image stand out by using contrasting colors and shapes.

Also, You don’t have to use fancier harmonies or pastel colors, but they should be saved for later branding experiences and the conversion funnel.

When designing our landing pages for recruitment, we need to run several tests. We can modify elements as basic as the colors on the call-to-action buttons.

To implement digital neuromarketing techniques, you can launch multiple similar ads on social media with different colors to determine which chromaticism is most favorable to your message.

People experience human experiences and not products

The product is what users want to be satisfied with, and not the product. You can humanize your messages by sharing testimonials on your site or positive comments in your network.

Directly involving the user in the creation of content is a more sophisticated option that produces excellent results. Also, how to have effective content marketing?

This makes the ads more authentic and interesting. When creating this type of digital content strategy, it is important to remember copyright.

Recognize your selfish point

What are we doing the next day after attending an event? Look for us in the photos of attendees on social media.

Before entering empathy mechanisms, our brain thinks first about how to protect ourselves. This key point can be easily touched by engaging your audience in the digital content strategy of your brand, which will help build loyalty.

The emotional connection to a brand is strengthened when a user feels at home in its contents. This holds for the creation of events, key moments in photography, and participation in controlled decisions.

Trial for free

This is the principle of digital neuromarketing: we would rather pay for something we already own than purchase something new. You can facilitate the entry of new clients by offering a free trial of your services.

Alternative models may be available that demonstrate the benefits of your product or service, even if it is not possible to test them. A report, for example, that contains relevant information.

Not only should you be responsive with your devices, but also with people

It is important that websites can be adapted to different devices. This is something we all know. We all know that accessing customers via mobile devices is different from using a computer.

So why not adapt your website to their demographic characteristics such as age?

There is intense competition among brands for our attention online. Digital neuromarketing is about humanizing digital marketing and understanding how our brains work.

It helps us reach, engage, and sell more effectively. We also understand social networks as an interesting but contested, place to showcase our products.

If you need more help improving your current marketing strategy, please feel free to reach us at Digital Specialist today.

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